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Apple iPad Accessories

Various Apple iPad Accessories – All in One Place

iPad was first launched two years ago, and since then it became incredibly popular. But what exactly is an iPad without the necessary Apple iPad accessories? At you will find iPad 2 sound accessories, iPad docking station, iPad case and cover, as well as iPad battery or iPad stylus. At our website you can take a look at a number of must-have Apple iPad accessories.

The best Apple iPad accessories are those that improve the tablet experience. knows you appreciate quality Apple iPad accessories, which is why we offer a whole line of products for protection (iPad 2 leather case), power (iPad 2 charger, iPad docking station), and audio (Bluetooth headset, iPad 2 sound accessories).


The Apple iPad: A Device That Still Has No Competition

Apple has once again built a product that looks good and feels great in the hand, and the familiar user interface is perfectly suited to the bigger screen. The Apple iPad works perfectly, opening applications, re-sizing web pages, and zooming in and out of maps almost instantaneously.

The iPad has definitely brought a boom in the market. Its sales exceeded all the expectations. But for the Apple iPad you will need Apple iPad accessories! Luckily, the Apple iPad accessories have already started hitting the market!


Personalize Your iPad with Various iPad Accessories offers a comprehensive range of Apple Phone and iPad accessories for your new iPad or iPhone. provides you with a wide range of the iPad accessories including cases, covers, chargers, Bluetooth headset, car holders and more. Get the most out of your device with Apple iPad accessories. The cases and covers are one of the most preferred Apple iPad accessories. These Apple iPad accessories protect your gadget from dust and scratches. Buying Apple iPad accessories or even iPhone 4S accessories from takes a single click.


The Apple iPad 2 – A Great Device That Offers a Lot

Apple iPad 2, the second generation of the device, was announced at a March 2, 2011. About 33% thinner than its predecessor and 15% lighter, the iPad 2 has a better processor, a dual core Apple A5, but otherwise they are pretty much the same.

At we are committed in supplying Apple iPad accessories as well as iPhone accessories at competitive prices. We are constantly restocking with new products from all over the world to bring to you the latest Apple iPad accessories so you could personalise and protect your new Apple iPad 2.


A Wide Range of iPad 2 Accessories at Affordable Prices

MyTrendyPhone brings an extensive collection of the best iPad 2 accessories at very affordable prices. With our wide range of the Apple iPad accessories, you can customize your iPad 2 the way you want. Whether you want to provide a protection or improve the features of your iPad 2, our Apple iPad accessories will fulfil all of your requirements.

No matter if you are looking for a protective iPad 2 skin to save your new tablet from scratches, or you want a stylish iPad 2 Leather case – we have it all. All the iPad 2 accessories are available to order. For any questions you might have, you can always call us or email us and we guarantee our full attention over any enquiries you have concerning your new Apple iPad accessories. We also offer wide range of iPod accessories, of which the most popular is iPod dock.


An iPad 2 Case Is an Essential Piece of Apple iPad Accessories

Looking for Apple iPad 2 case or an iPad 2 skin? Then look no further – here you can find the best accessories for the Apple iPad. The iPad 2 Case is the perfect way to carry around your iPad 2,and the most wanted piece of Apple iPad accessories. Most famous manufacturers of iPad cover models include Belkin, Bugatti, Incipio, Krusell, Katinkas.


The New iPad 3 Is Finally Here Along with a Bunch of Accessories for the iPad 3rd Generation!

Over the last few days there has been a lot of fuss about the releasing of the new iPad 3, new iOS and iTunes software - you get the idea already. And finally the new iPad 3 is released! According to its specifications and features - it was definitely worth waiting for! If you consider buying one, it’s also time to consider buying appropriate new iPad 3 accessories.

Now, you probably wonder if the old iPad accessories will fit the new iPad 3. And the answer is yes - at least most of them. Of course, the new iPad 3 accessories are soon to follow, but you needn’t throw away the old accessories if you are considering upgrading to the iPad 3rd generation!


It’s Never Too Early to Buy Protective Cases for the New iPad 3!

After Apple finally unveiled the new iPad 3, we were introduced to its features and specifications. We found out that it features a Retina Display, for unbelievable image quality, a new 5MP rear camera, support for some 4G LTE networks, and much more. Its body is slightly thicker than the iPad 2’s, but otherwise the two of them virtually seem identical. This means that as the new iPad 3 case or the new iPad 3 cover you can use almost all iPad 2 covers and cases you already have.

However, a problem might occur if the case or cover for iPad 2 was designed with especially fine precision, offering a perfect fit. This shouldn’t concern you, since without doubt the market will soon be flooded with various accessories for the iPad 3rd generation, including the new iPad 3 case, the new iPad 3 cover, the new iPad 3 battery, the new iPad 3 charger, the new iPad 3 sound accessories, car accessories and much more.

The Best Accessories for the iPad Mini

iPad Mini is the first smaller version of iPad tablet, and thanks to its reduced size it is more portable than the previous iPad models. It comes with a 7.9-inch screen and since it is thinner and lighter, therefore is easier to use. MyTrendyPhone offers you a wide range of iPad Mini accessories that will keep your mini tablet protected and more convenient to use. Whether you use this tablet for work or entertainment, on our website you can find all necessary accessories such as iPad Mini cases and covers, screen protectors, stands, chargers, batteries and more. Those who spend a lot of time on the road can find a reliable car holder for iPad Mini, car charger and high quality Bluetooth accessories.


A Wide Range of iPad 4 Accessories

If you want to make the most of this 9.7 inch tablet with Retina display, you need to make sure it is optimally protected. Therefore, MyTrendyPhone offers variety of iPad 4 accessories that will ensure the protection and enhance its use. On our website you can find some highly protective and stylish cases and covers for iPad 4, as well as other additional equipment like chargers, batteries, iPad 4 holders, and practical Bluetooth accessories such as wireless keyboards and headsets.


Find Everything You Need for Your iPad Air

iPad Air comes with the impressive light weight, hence the name Air, while thinner design and smaller screen bezel remind of the iPad Mini. Since the iPad Air went through some design changes, it requires model specific protective accessories. Apart from the official Apple Smart Case, there are many third party manufacturers that made sure their iPad Air cases and covers fit this slim tablet just right. You might also want to consider iPad Air accessories that will improve its performances, so MyTrendyPhone offers a wide selection of chargers, external batteries, holders, speakers etc...


Useful Accessories for the iPad Mini 2

Comparing it to its predecessor, iPad Mini 2 is improved with impressively sharp Retina display, new fast chipset, doubled Wi-Fi speeds and more powerful battery. To their range of Smart Covers and Cases, Apple also added a new model, specifically designed for iPad Mini with Retina display. For those who prefer other brands of mobile accessories such as Cygnett, Belkin, OtterBox, Griffin and others, we offer great selection of iPad Mini 2 cases, covers and screen protectors. On MyTrendyPhone website you can also find useful high quality accessories for iPad Mini 2, ideal for travelling (car holder, car charger, headrest mounts) and work (keyboard, stylus, stand...).