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Headset & Sound Accessories

Mobile Headset & Sound Accessories -  Cheap Mobile Headset & Sound Accessories for mobile phones. MyTrendyPhone has a wide range of products at low prices.

 Find a sound accessories for your device by searching through the list of mobile phone brands.

Headset & Sound Accessories


Choose the Right Headset offers practical solutions for unlimited communication both at home and at work. Headsets were invented in 1910 by a Stanford University student, named Nathaniel Baldwin. During World War the U.S. Army bought 100 of these for their pilots. Therefore, early use of the headset was primarily for aviation purposes. In fact, Plantronics was founded by two pilots and their main goal was to develop the headset which is lightweight and comfortable for pilots and then for regular users. offers a wide range of headsets: gaming headset (Xbox 360 headset), headset for tablets and for mobile phones (the iPhone 4S headset, Nokia headset, Sony headset) and much more.


Sound Accessories – Much Needed in Every Home

When you are planning to buy certain mobile accessories, one of the things you must buy are certain sound accessories, such as headset, speaker, etc. No matter if you are planning to buy a Wireless headset, headphones or earphones, each model has its pros and cons.

When you decide to buy sound accessories for your mobile phone or Tablet PC, it can sometimes be a tough choice, since there are so many models available. One of the most famous headset manufacturers include: Plantronics, Jabra, Logitech, Sennheiser, Turtle Beach. And let’s not forget to mention Nokia headset models. We also have the appropriate sound accessories for the latest iPad model, under category iPad 3 accessories. Or, if you are planning to buy the latest smartphone from Samsung, make sure to check the following category: Galaxy S3 accessories.


Bluetooth Headset for Music on The Go

Bluetooth headset is quickly becoming a new trend for both business and consumer communications. It has become must have accessory whose benefits are obvious, especially for the drivers and people who are always one the move. As more and more number of mobile phones is equipped with Bluetooth, this technology has become a common profile for mobile phones. In modern days, Bluetooth headset is a must-have accessory.


Improve your Gaming Experience with PS3 Headset

Enjoy clear sound and communication while playing favourite games with PS3 headset or Xbox 360 headset! Hands-free chatting with your teammates while playing strategy games on your PlayStation 3 is now possible. With great sound and enhanced voice communications in our PlayStation 3 headset, your gaming experience will be better than ever. For the PlayStation 3, we provide both wireless and wired headset models. With our PS3 headset models discover revolution in the way you play your favourite game!


iPhone Headsets from Well-known Manufacturers

In our online shop you can choose the appropriate headset for each iPhone model: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S. We offer you both the original iPhone headset, which is produced by Apple, as well as from other famous manufacturers. Our range of iPhone sound accessories includes many different types of iPhone 4S accessories, such as iPhone 4S dock, iPhone 4S headset (earphones or over the ear) and more. Buy iPhone headset and enjoy great listening experience!