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iPad & Tablet PC Accessories

iPad & Tablet PC Accessories


Tablets Are Becoming More and More Popular on MyTrendyPhone

Each new tablet model is more practical and more powerful than the previous one, which is why it comes as no surprise that tablets have become so popular over the years. The first tablet concept was created back in the 1990s, but only when tablets began to arrive with operating systems such as Android, QNX, webOS or iOS, did tablets create a boom in the tech world. These operating systems, although initially designed for smartphones, helped Samsung and Apple reach new heights in on the tablet market.

Tablets are considered to be the best replacement for a computer if you travel a lot, because, naturally, you cannot take your computer everywhere with you. Unlike laptops, tablets don't have a keyboard, but come equipped with an on-screen keyboard that can easily be switched on and off. Tablets are smaller than laptops, more compact, easier to use, and usually boast the latest tech features, which allow them to function better and make lives of users worldwide easier.


Want to Buy a Tablet? Visit Our Online Shop!

iOS, Android and Windows have been fighting for the title of the best operating system for years. Apple's iPad holds a special place on our website, because the Cupertino giant has been launching tablets every year since 2010, and sets the standard for all other manufacturers with each new model, in terms of design and specifications.

However, everyone has their own preferences, tastes differ, which is why you're in luck – we offer such a wide range of tablets that we have no doubt you'll find the one that's just perfect for you. From Samsung's fantastic Galaxy Tab models to its Note series, from Multipads by Prestigio to Huawei's MediaPads, etc, there's a tablet for everyone out there, and we have made sure to make our website easy to navigate and help you browse through tablets with ease.

MyTrendyPhone Accessories Tips for Tablets: Stylus Pens, Bluetooth keyboards and high-quality covers are an absolute must-have for every tablet owner!


Equip Your Tablet with All the Right Accessories

Are you are looking for accessories for your iPad or a tablet by Samsung, Asus, Archos, LG or Lenovo? Do you have a tablet which we have not listed here? Don't worry, we're here to help!

On MyTrendyPhone, you can find the best and most affordable accessories online, no matter which tablet model you have. We stock accessories from all the leading manufacturers, and work on achieving a common goal – keeping our loyal customers always satisfied.

Searching for an accessory has never been easier – once you land on our “Tablet Accessories” page, simply enter the model of your tablet in the search field, and you will immediately get to see our selection of accessories for it. We have divided our products into a number subcategories: cases, covers, holders, chargers, batteries, car accessories, etc. These subcategories will help you narrow down your search and get whatever it is you're looking for.


Is Your Tablet Broken? Our Skilled Technicians Can Perform Miracles!

No matter which one you own, tablets are not indestructible and won't last you for an eternity. If your tablet encounters any problems at all, our team of experts is there to help you.

A tablet's display is particularly susceptible to damage, because tablet and smartphone screens are getting thinner and thinner with each year. Whether you need to replace only the LCD screen of your tablet, or both its display glass and touchscreen, MyTrendyPhone will do its best to help you out.

Broken antennas, cameras, and flex cables, are also not a problem, because we have all the necessary spare parts for your repair at hand. However, sometimes you'll find yourself in a situation where you won't know what's holding your tablet back – if this happens, we can diagnose the problem for you before we go through with the tablet repair.