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iPod & MP3 Accessories

Buying iPod and MP3 Accessories Is Quick and Easy


Welcome to our online store!

If you own an iPod or an MP3 player, then MyTrendyPhone is the place for you! You will be pleased to hear that we have a large selection of accessories for iPods and MP3 players. We are sure that everyone will find what they are looking for, with ease, and at the best prices on the market.

Navigating our "iPod and MP3 Accessories" category is simple – all you have to do is find your iPod or MP3 model, and you are already half way to purchasing your accessories! Scroll down until you get to your version of Apple's iPod: iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, and then click on your exact model. In case you have an MP3 player, scroll to the very end, where you will see two subcategories: MP3 players and MP3 accessories.


MyTrendyPhone Can Help You Find the Perfect Accessories Online

We want to provide you with the best shopping experience possible, which is why we have made our website user-friendly and clean. Once you have selected your device from the main category, a list of subcategories with various accessories will open on your screen: cases, chargers, headsets, speakers, cables, etc. Click on the subcategory that interests you and then take your time to browse through our selection of products. We have a large number of high-quality iPod and MP3 accessories, in different price ranges, which means that you can buy great accessories within your budget.


What Types of iPod Accessories Are Available on MyTrendyPhone?

The world of batteries offers external batteries and power banks from names you might have heard of: Lenovo, Cager, Macally, Puro, etc. Battery capacities vary, too – you can get 4,800mAh batteries, as well as 13,800mAh ones. It all depends on how much extra power you need!

If you wish to protect your iPod then you might want to look into cases and covers. MyTrendyPhone boasts a range of quality cases and covers that, in addition to protecting your player, also make it look more interesting, fun, and unique. Remax, iGadgitz, SwitchEasy, and Incipio are just some of the brands that you will encounter on our website.

You can make music sound even better with the right headset, speakers, or a pair of headphones! We offer both Bluetooth and regular sound accessories, so simply pick what works the best for you. MyTrendyPhone highly recommends waterproof models, which you can use outdoors when it's raining, at the beach, and in your shower.


Great MP3 Accessories and Players in One Place

Do you have an old, but still working MP3 player? It is not necessary to replace it – you can make it function better with appropriate accessories! Choose from a variety of chargers and batteries for it, and protect it from further damage with one of the cases or colourful protective socks.

If you don't have an MP3 player, but are planning to get one, take a look at our selection of MP3 players from different manufacturers. Once you have purchased your player, we will make sure to get it to you as fast as possible! If you have an questions, you can contact our helpful support team.