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Memory Cards

Memory Card or flash memory card – These are mainly used with mobile phones, music players, video game consoles, mobile computers, digital cameras, and other electronics. The card have many names. It can be a jungle, but then you should just contact us – and we should help you.

MicroSD Cards
SD Cards
CF Cards
Mini SD Cards
xD Picture card
M2 Cards
Memory Stick Cards
Trans Flash Cards
Card Readers
USB Memory Stick

Memory Cards 

Memory Cards


Various Memory Cards

Memory is everywhere today and there are so many different types, brands and speeds that it can sometimes be confusing when you are looking to buy one. They can be used in PDAs, mobile phones, PCs, cameras, multimedia players, gaming consoles, and many other gadgets on the market. Memory Cards are primarily made for digital cameras and smartphones. There are more and more phones coming equipped with a slot for memory cards that let you expand the device's data storage. There are other types of cards out there than those listed as well. offers various types of memory cards made by different manufacturers: HTC memory card, Sony Ericsson memory cards, Samsung memory cards, etc. We also have SDHC Memory Cards.


Compact Flash (CF Memory Cards)

CF Memory Cards are one of the first types of cards, and are still among the most popular memory cards for digital cameras. Compact flash card is made by SanDisk. There are two main types of CF memory cards, type I and type II. These cards are perfect for all who need a card with a high performance to quickly take many pictures at high resolution. Memory Sticks are another type of frequently used cards. There are five types of such cards: Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo and Memory Stick Micro M2. If you own a Sony device chances are that you will need to buy one of these types of cards. The major differences between the types of cards are speed and capacity, and of course compatibility.


Secure Digital (SD memory cards)

SD Memory Cards and MMC or MultiMedia Cards are very similar, they have exactly the same size, and are generally interchangeable. The main difference between them is the fact that you can secure, or write-protect files and data on a secure digital memory card, which you cannot do on an MMC card. These types of cards come in all kinds of devices, from older mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players and many other types of portable devices. Choose the right card for your mobile phone! We sell HTC memory cards, Sony Ericsson memory cards, Samsung memory cards and many other. Besides SD memory cards, we also offer SDHC Memory Cards at the best prices in the U.K.!


Card Reader

When you need communication between your device and Memory Cards you use card readers. Card Readers come in various styles, dimensions, and designs. The more ports a card reader comes with, the more chances are you will make use of it. These accessories are very light and portable, so you can easily and unnoticeable carry them wherever you go.

Besides cards we also offer various mobile accessories such as tablets, mp3 players, etc. Feel free to check our most popular categories: iPad 3 Accessories, iPhone 5 Accessories, iPod Touch 5G Accessories, iPod Nano 7G Accessories, and Galaxy S3 Accessories. Also check out the Headset category (especially Bluetooth Headset).