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Wireless Phones

Wireless phones and DECT phones are common in British homes. Phones represent no risk from radiation. Wireless phone is a phone device with radio waves is connected to a device that has close ties to the network. The distances between the phone and the device can be between 20 and 200 meters in the optimum environment without problems. At you can find a wide selection of high quality wireless phones at affordable prices.

We offer a wide range of both wireless phones and mobile phones and mobile accessories. Blnad mobile accessories we offer iPhone accessories, Nokia accessories, Samsung accessories, HTC accessories, and many others.

Manufacturers of wireless phones
We have offer a great number of wireless phones of different brands. Here you can find among others, Philips wireless phones, Siemens wireless phones, Gigaset wireless phones and Doro Phone Easy wireless phones. We also offer wireless phone batteries. At the same time, we sell Bluetooth accessories for wireless phones (Bluetooth headset). We offer some of the best Bluetooth headset brands: Jabra Bluetooth headset, Platronics Bluetooth headset, Sennheiser Bluetooth headset, etc. Here you can buy wireless telephone accessories at low prices.

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Wireless phones


MyTrendyPhone United Kingdom - A Wide Range of Wireless Phones

There are many companies well known for their great Wireless phones. Wireless phones are an ideal solution for both home and office, and make your life much more comfortable. With all the extra features plus stylish design, a cordless telephone can be very handy in specific circumstances. On our webshop you can find various models of Philips, Simens, or Panasonic cordless phones, as well as Doro wireless phones or Gigaset phones.

What is a cordless phone?

Wireless phones are the latest electronic devices equipped with a wireless handset and a base unit. A cordless phone can be recharged and you can simply place it in the holder on the base unit to charge it. Find the best cordless telephone model for your home or office. Buy a cordless phone at the best price in United Kingdom. We offer a wide range of wireless phones such as Philips phones, Siemens phones, or Panasonic phones. Panasonic is one of the leading manufacturers that offer both quality and innovation with their Wireless phones. They offer DECT phones (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) that include a number of good features. We also offer Doro wireless phones, Sennheiser headphones and remote headsets.

Wireless Headphones and Headsets

Thanks to the widespread presence of Wireless-enabled devices, such as for instance Sennheiser headphones, the usage of wireless headsets is beginning to increase rapidly like never before. Wireless headphones and headsets for wireless phones have been used for years now, however, they have only beginning to advance towards the sound quality criterion in the past few years. Wireless headsets use either radio frequency or infrared method, in most cases contain a large non-portable base station. It is definitely not a question that many people use wireless headphones with wireless phones nowadays. Once you encounter the possibility of being able to listen to your favourite music unconstraint by the hitched sturdy wire found on standard headphones it is hard to go back to the previous way. Use your wireless phones with the best wireless headset such as Jabra, Plantronics, or Sennheiser headphones.

Cordless Phone Battery for Your Device

On our official internet webshop you can find the right spare cordless phone battery for your wireless phones including AEG, Audioline, Panasonic, Ericsson, Sagem, Gigaset, Hagenuk, Medion, Phillips, Siemens and a lot more.

On you can buy wireless phones easily and safely. On our pages you can find the perfect device for you, be it a mobile phone or headset. Browse through our wide range of mobile accessories as well, such as Samsung accessories or iPhone accessories. Do you need a new cordless phone battery or battery for your smartphone? Do you charge the battery more often than before? offers wide selection of all types of mobile phone batteries and battery chargers for all wireless phones. Find the right smartphone battery for your device: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, or iPhone. You can find your smartphone model simply by clicking on the desired category.