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Apple iPhone Cases

iPhone Cases – The Best Protective Solution


How the iPhone Changed the World of Smartphones

Introduced on June 29, 2007, the very first iPhone was something completely new on the market at the time: a touchscreen device on which a user could access basic phone functions with a single touch. The virtual keyboard, camera and navigational system, as well as access to the Internet, helped it stand out in the crowd of various smartphones released in 2007. Since then, Apple has released several generations of its phone, adding more and more features to each new model. The launch of this handset marked a revolution in the world of smartphones – from that point on, other manufacturers have started making smartphones, which soon became the most popular devices in the world. Along with the phones, just as before, came the most useful protective accessories – iPhone cases, an irreplaceable choice of protection.


Does Revolutionary Mean Perfect?

Sadly, no. While it presents a turning point in the history of smartphones and is revolutionary compared to its predecessors, it does not mean it's flawless. This compact phone basically consists of a touchscreen and one physical button, which is why it is very fragile and less robust than your "ordinary" mobile phones. We shouldn't forget that smartphones are much more expensive than old phones, and that damaged smartphones are more expensive to repair. This is why repairing an iPhone is a nightmare for every user out there – you drop your phone, end up with a cracked or broken screen, and have to order a repair, which costs half the price of a new phone. Sounds terrible, doesn't it? So what should you do? How do you keep your phone safe?


Protective Accessories – Worth Every Penny

As the saying goes: better safe than sorry! Those who have had to deal with a broken or a damaged phone know exactly what we are talking about. The rest of you should know that it is always better (and less expensive) to invest in a protective accessory than to repair a smartphone. Purchasing a case for your iPhone the moment you get it will allow you to use it for a longer period of time, without worrying about the handset getting damaged.


Let MyTrendyPhone Help You Choose Your Style

iPhone cases come in various shapes, colours, sizes and designs, and you get to choose your favourite one. It is there to protect your phone, yes, but it can also be used to enhance its elegance or make it look different from other smartphones on the market. One of the most popular protective accessories on our shop are wallet cases, which are durable, trendy, and come with slots for your money and cards. Take a look at our selection yourself, and decide which one would be just perfect for you!


How Can You Find a Quality Case for Your iPhone?

MyTrendyPhone offers a wide range of all types of protective accessories for your iDevice. There are three ways you can be one step closer to your perfect choice:

1. Go to our Mobile Accessories page, and select iPhone Accessories. Once there, choose the model of your phone and then the subcategory you need. Our selection is divided by type and brand, an at the top of our page are our best-selling products. If you are unsure about the type or brand, please contact our customer service team who can recommend a product according to your taste and needs.

2. Go to Mobile Accessories, and at the bottom of the page click on Mobile Accessories Categories. From there on, continue to Cases, then the Apple iPhone Cases, and once again, choose the model of your iPhone.

3. If you type in the model in the search bar on our website, a shortcut to the page with corresponding accessories will appear below the search bar. Click on it to start your search.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to share your thoughts on our products with us in our Reviews section. Have fun shopping!