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Our enormous selection of batteries offers all sorts of products for your favourite devices. In our online shop you can equip your mobile phone, tablet, camera, kitchen appliances or any other gadget with just the battery it lacks! Buy disposable or combine your chargeable batteries with practical power banks from our offer and make your active life easier.

Find All Kinds of Batteries at MyTrendyPhone

Welcome to MyTrendyPhone - your online shop for batteries, accessories and incredible gadgets. We won't talk about how technology is important nowadays, we will just remind you that every device you use in your everyday life needs some extra power coming from either rechargeable or disposable type of these inevitable little items. Literally everything you can think of - your sporty smart watch, trendy LED alarm clock, mini drone, even selfie stick need an extra kick of energy to function flawlessly. That is why we gathered all the power suppliers into one category to make your search easier. Do not hesitate to browse them all and provide your household all the power it needs in just few clicks. Remember to dispose them properly after use and do not forget to recycle! Start your hunt here.

The Best Mobile Phone and Laptop Batteries

The two gadgets we certainly know any home cannot go without are mobile phones and laptops. That is why we start our journey with the inevitable mobile phone batteries - both spare and external - as a crutial part of your mobile phone accessories. In our shop they are devided by phone model which makes the order of the right product quick and easy. But it does not help much without a reliable quick wireless charger or power bank 10000 mAh or stronger which are also generously offered in our online store at best prices on the market.Check out our enormous selection!

But do not neglect your notebook - get it a laptop battery that will help it serve its purpose to the maximum. Being portable, it is supposed to be carried around - do not let its charging prevent your from it. Combine two or more devices on a portable charger which saves your time, energy and even money if it is bought at MyTrendyPhone, and enjoy every moment spent outside the house.

Wide Selection for Your Home and More

Turn around and name the first three devices you see. Do they run on alkaline or lithium batteries? Probably. From kitchen appliances and wrist watches to toys and power tools, everything is powered up with these small house friends.

If you like to collect your memories in a video form, get a high-quality set for your camera and film your precious moments for hours. Then check out our selection of button cells and coin cells to bring your favourite watch back to life. And if you prefer smart watch, find your favourite in our selection, combine it with a portable powerbank and you can use it wherever you want whenever you want. Hurry up, the time is running out!

For all the other gadgets and device in your household, we offer you a wide range in which you can find an 9V, C, D, AA, AAA or AAAA battery,that you need. You shouldn't forget that we also offer power tool and a myriad special batteries for more demanding users. In a nutshell, we cover them all!

Browse this amazing selection, choose your favourite products and place your order in a couple of click. MyTrendyPhone offers quick dispatch and low delivery costs to each of our 10 million customers world wide