Clingo Parabolic Sound Sphere

Clingo Parabolic Sound Sphere
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  • Clingo Parabolic Sound Sphere.
    The optimized parabolic shape amplifies and enhances your music experience, and enables multiple viewing angles for your device. The sphere provides you with ambient light shielding to enhance your screen viewing. It gives you a universal, convenient, and stylish dock alternative. The cable cut-out lets you easily sync and charge your device.

    The Parabolic Sound Sphere™ by Clingo is an intelligently-designed acoustic amplifier that turns your phone or MP3 player into a mini sound system on any desk or counter top. Its universal pad sticks to ANY phone or media device and offers endless hours of enjoyment. You can play music from any phone - iPhone, Driod, BlackBerry - so you'll never be without great tunes.

    The Sphere maintains a simple, elegant design which amplifies sound by about 10 decibels, helping to project it into any room. The parabolic shape was engineered to enhance amplification by creating the sound of full-sized, powered speakers without requiring power. We also added a pass-through slot for your cable so you can sync and charge your device while listening to your iTunes or watching a YouTube™ video.

    It’s pretty simple, really. Clingo holds your phone. It doesn’t matter if it is a BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid, Samsung, or whatever. Whether in your car, at the office, at home, or wherever - Clingo will hold it.

    *Not functional in case there's a silicone case or cover on the device.

    Height: 8.1" (20.6 cm)
    Width: 8.1" (20.6 cm)
    Depth: 4.5" (11.4 cm)
    Weight: 420g


    Step 1: Remove the protective film from the Clingo pad.

    Step 2: Press your device firmly onto the new Clingo pad. Immediately remove the device. If when removing device you find it too difficult, simply touch the Clingo gel pad to your shirt or pants until desired stickiness is reached.

    Step 3: Check the Clingo pad for cleanliness and stickiness before each use. Product will not stick properly if the pad is not cleaned suitably. Cleaning frequency may vary by environment.

    For quick cleaning, use a damp, lint-free wipe or cloth (i.e. chamois) to remove dust, dirt and oil from the Clingo pad or simply rinse with water and let it air dry (diagram 2). DO NOT use any paper products to wash or dry your Clingo product.

    Step 4: Wipe dirt and dust from your mobile device. Now attach it firmly to the Clingo pad. DO NOT attach your mobile device to the Clingo pad if it is protected by a leather or silicone case. The Clingo pad WILL NOT stick to leather or silicone.

    Step 5: The charging cord for your mobile device may be inserted through the hole at the back and through the centre post of the Parabolic Sound Sphere.

    The Clingo pad is permanently bonded to the Parabolic Sound Sphere. Do not attempt to remove the Clingo pad.

    *Not functional in case there's a silicone case or cover on the device

    Packing: Euroblsiter

    EAN: 5099606070062


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