• Cubot Nova

    Cubot Nova - 16 GB, 3 GB RAM, 2800 mAh, 5.5" HD+, 13 MP, Dual SIM, Quad-Core, GPS

    Cubot Nova is a low-budget smartphone, but will it exceed all of your expectations with its premium design, excellent 5.5-inch display, and strong performance.
    Cubot Nova
    76.50 76.50 GBP
    PROD REF: 199899-VAR
  • Cubot J3 Pro

    Cubot J3 Pro - 16GB, 1GB RAM, 5.5", Dual 13 MP, Dual SIM, Quad-Core, GPS, 2800mAh

    Cubot J3 Pro is the ideal companion through the day - powerful, light and compact. Thanks to the Quad-core processor under the large 5.5-inch display, the Cubot J3 Pro is super fast and ensures cinema-like experience for your favorite movies and other multimedia. There is also Dual 13 MP camera for sharp and crisp photos.
    Cubot J3 Pro
    99.10 99.10 GBP
    PROD REF: 199748-VAR
  • Cubot King Kong

    Cubot King Kong - 16GB, 2GB RAM, IP68, Dual SIM, 5.0" HD, 13 MP, Quad-core, 4400mAh, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

    Cubot King Kong is a durable rugged smartphone, equipped with IP68 certification, GPS function, and a powerful 4400mAh battery, which makes it an ideal travel companion.
    Cubot King Kong
    92.00 92.00 GBP
    PROD REF: 199498-VAR
  • Cubot King Kong 3

    Cubot King Kong 3 - 64 GB, 4 GB RAM, IP68, Dual SIM, 5.5" IPS, Dual 16 MP, Octa-core, 6000mAh, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC

    Resistant to drops, dust, and water, Cubot King Kong 3 is designed for use in demanding environments. The shell of King Kong 3 is made of high-strength polyester and protects the phone from accidental drops of up to 1.5m.
    Cubot King Kong 3
    191.10 191.10 GBP
    PROD REF: 206070-VAR
  • Cubot Max 2

    Cubot Max 2 - 64GB, 4GB RAM, 5000mAh, 6.8" HD, Dual 13 MP, Dual SIM, Octa-Core, GPS

    Cubot Max 2 is characterized by a beautiful design that comes with great features, such as 6.8" high definition FullView display, instantaneous face-unlock technology, high-capacity 5000mAh battery and a super-clear dual 12MP camera. It provides super-fast focusing with PDAF technology, which captures even fleeting moments with perfect clarity. Furthermore, powered by 12nm Octa-core processor and 4GB RAM, the Cubot Max 2 runs smoothly even when performing complex your tasks.
    Cubot Max 2
    153.20 153.20 GBP
    PROD REF: 206521-VAR
  • Cubot P20

    Cubot P20 - 64GB, 4GB RAM, Dual SIM, 6.18" FHD+, Dual 20 MP, Octa-core, 4000mAh, GPS

    The Cubot P20 boasts modern and ultra-thin design which fits in your hand extremely comfortably. Its beautiful 6.18-inch FHD+ display provides impressive visual experience, while the powerful dual rear camera supports Bokeh effect for amazing photos.
    Cubot P20
    134.00 134.00 GBP
    PROD REF: 199692-VAR
  • Cubot Power

    Cubot Power - 128GB, 6GB RAM, Dual SIM, 5.99" FHD+, 20 MP, Octa-core, 6000mAh, GPS

    Cubot Power is a powerful smartphone which comes with gorgeous design, large 5.99″ FHD+ display, and incredible 6000mAh battery that will provide you with hours and hours of fun.
    Cubot Power
    262.60 262.60 GBP
    PROD REF: 199688-VAR
  • Cubot X18 Plus

    Cubot X18 Plus - 64GB, 4GB RAM, Dual SIM, 5.99" FHD+, Dual 20 MP, Octa-core, 4000mAh, GPS

    The Cubot X18 Plus brings a modern design which impresses with a very narrow bezel and a large 6.0 inches display.
    Cubot X18 Plus
    152.10 152.10 GBP
    PROD REF: 199559-VAR