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HTC Sensation Burnt Out Skin

HTC Sensation Burnt Out Skin
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    This is not a cover, this is a decorative protective skin sticker.

    HTC Sensation Skin

    With this authentic full-colour adhesive-backed vinyl skin kit you can protect and personalize your device in one step. Created from the fines materials available!

    All skins feature an innovative removable and repositionable adhesive making them easy to install and just as easy to remove without leaving any residue on your device. Even better: They're thick enough to protect, and thin enough to work with most accessories and cases!

    The coverage area of our skins is highest amongst all brands. The less surface area of your device is exposed, the more protection your device receive, and the more customized your device will look.

    - Thick enough to protect, yet thin enough for a custom fit.
    - Does not fade with time and does not peel off unlike other knock-offs.
    - Protects the device from dings and scratches in a stylish way.
    - Offers quick and easy application without any air bubbles.
    - Is very easy to remove without leaving behind any residue.

    Instalation Tips

    Before you Begin:

    1. Wash your hands with soap & water, as oil from your own skin might impair the adhesiveness of the product.
    2. Prepare a well-lit table or desk area where you can sit and be relaxed to apply the skin with ease. Ensure that this area is free of dust.
    3. Clean your device by applying water to some paper towel, and wiping your device in one direction along each side/surface. (Optionally, you may use a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth, with a few sprays of window cleaning fluid.) This step must be performed to avoid ending up with raised bumps of dust particles underneath your skin.

    4. While your device dries, remove the skin from the packaging and take some time to familiarize yourself with where each piece applies onto your device.

    Applying the Skin (Hand-held devices)

    1. Start with the largest section. Identify the largest cut-out on the decal sheet, and bend the entire sheet backwards at one of the corners of that cut-out, so that you can peel it off.

    2. Look for any smaller cut-outs that are still attached within the large section you just peeled off. Those should have been left behind on the decal sheet. If you spot any of these, re-apply the section you peeled back onto the decal sheet, and using a pen to press down on the small cut-out, peel the section off once again.

    3. Starting at one edge of the device where the section belongs, gently place the section down and let the rest fall flat as you guide it with a fingernail underneath it, sliding out towards the opposite edge. Do not press down on the skin at all.

    4. Check all edges for alignment and ensure that smaller cut-out openings are aligned in a cosmetically appealing manner. Re-align and adjust the skin as needed by lifting parts of it with your fingernails. The vinyl material of the skin is durable, but should not be stretched.

    5. Once everything looks aligned and perfect, gently pad down the section all over, (but not firmly). Do not worry about corners sticking out.
    6. Repeat the above steps as you progress to applying smaller and smaller cut-outs on the decal sheet.

    7. As you proceed you may find that you need to re-adjust previously-applied sections, which is okay to do. After all sections are applied and aligned perfectly, you may now firmly press all over the skin on your device. Work on corners by starting inwards with your thumb and slide outwards to smooth out and adhere any sections that stick out. Press firmly on all edges of all sections to ensure a long-lasting application.

    Removing the Skin

    If you would like to remove your skin, take extra care to start at one corner and peel the skin off slowly. This will avoid any stretching/tearing, and will ensure that the skin is removed without leaving behind any residue.
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