iPad 1 Covers

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If you want to keep your valuable iPad look like new, we recommend that you use iPad covers. Not only do iPad covers add a new look to your device, but they also protect it from scrapes, scratches, dust, impacts and other damage. We offer a wide range of high quality, yet low-cost iPad covers in various shades, patterns and vibrant colours. There are many different types of iPad covers such as iPad leather covers, iPad battery covers, iPad frames, iPad touch screens, iPad silicone covers, iPad click-on covers, and many more. MyTrendyPhone.co.uk offers the largest range of iPad covers. Besides iPad covers, on our web shop you can check out our other categories and subcategories: Mobile Phone, Mobile Battery, iPhone Case, iPhone Battery, Bluetooth Headset, Samsung Case, Galaxy S2 Dock, etc.

A Large Number of iPad Accessories?

Welcome to our web shop. Here you can find all iPad accessories you need for both iPad and iPad 2. Our selection of products ranges from iPad covers, iPad cases, iPad chargers, iPad batteries, iPad screen protectors to iPad car chargers and car holders. Choose from a large number of popular iPad accessories at best prices. To keep track of current offers on accessories for other Apple devices, please check out our most popular categories: iPhone 4 accessories, iPhone 4S accessories or iPad 2 accessories. Under category iPad Covers find various iPad leather covers, iPad frames, iPad battery covers, iPad touch screens and many more.

Protect Your Device with iPad Skins

With iPad skins you can well protect your device in style. They are very easy to apply and remove, and do not use any sticky residue. What's more, they are very thin and do not weigh much. Skins come in different colours and patterns for everyone's taste. iPad skins are compatible with iPad covers as well, meaning you can use them both for you device. Both iPad covers and skins protect the front and back of the your tablet. It is very important to protect your iPad, be it with iPad covers or skins. In addition, if you want to keep your screen away from damage, too, we recommend high quality iPad screen protectors.

We Offer the Latest iPad 2 Covers!

If you are wondering what the best protection for your iPad 2 is, try latest iPad 2 covers. On MyTrendyPhone.co.uk you can find all protective iPad 2 accessories: iPad 2 co vers, iPad 2 cases, iPad 2 batteries, iPad 2 chargers, and more. With versatile covers for iPad 2 your device will certainly stand out from the crowd. What's more, it will stay fully accessible and fully protected from various damage such as impacts, scratches, scrapes, dirt, dust, and more. In most cases, iPad covers are custom made to perfectly fit your device, letting you make the most of it. They allow full access to all functions and features of your device, as well as buttons, camera and ports. iPad covers are very simple and practical accessories for your iPad device.