iPad Air Cases

Cases for iPad Air

iPad Air was introduced on October 22, 2013. and just like the name suggests, this tablet is lighter than its predecessors. It has a 9.7 inch screen, and it weighs less than 0.5 kg. Despite being so light, there are many great features hidden inside this Apple tablet that already conquered the hearts of Apple fans worldwide, thanks to its elegant and stylish appearance.

Different Models of iPad Air Cases

Soon after the iPad Air was revealed, many manufacturers launched a variety of accessories, specifically designed to fit the Apple tablet: cases, covers, screen protectors, skins and more. Here are the different types of iPad Air cases:

Official Smart Case and Smart Cover for iPad Air

As usual, Apple offers the official Smart Case and Smart Cover which are redesigned to fit the iPad Air dimensions. Smart Cover is made of durable poly-urethane, with microfibre interior that will protect the screen of the tablet. The cover comes with an integrated magnet system that keeps the tablet in one place. In addition, this piece of iPad Air accessories has an integrated stand that makes the typing and media watching on your tablet much easier. The official Smart Case is made of high quality leather and that feels very nice to the touch. Just like the previous accessory, this iPad Air case has a microfibre lining and an integrated stand, as well as the sleep/wake smart feature. Both accessories come in six rich colours.

Functional Folio Style Cases for iPad Air

Folio cases for iPad usually come with an integrated keyboard, providing you with functional protection. These cases are very comfortable and convenient to use, especially if you have no flat surface to place your device, such as desk or a table. Folio cases generally include the keyboard, which is very thin, perfect for those who do not want to stain the 9.7 inch screen while typing on it. However, these cases may have some disadvantages. The keyboard and the keys may seem small, which could be a bit difficult to type on. Another thing that can seem as a problem to some users is the added weight to the device, since the keyboard is not that light and therefore it can be very difficult to carry it all together. One of the best functions on these iPad Air cases is the sleep / wake smart option that saves the battery life of the iPad. One of the most popular manufacturers of keyboard cases are Zagg and Logitech, and due to their quality and protection, they are highly recommended to the iPad Air users.

Wrap Your iPad Air in Sophisticated Leather Case

Manufacturers such as Belkin and Piel Frama offer leather cases for iPad Air of exquisite quality and design. No matter where you go, with these cases you will leave the best impression thanks to their ultra slim design and elegant coverage. Piel Frama cases are designed specially for iPad Air to provide a perfect fit, and they also come with a functional magnetic sleep mode option. As for the Belkin iPad Air cases, most of them come with a foldable front cover that allows you to turn the case into a stand with multiple angles option. Some of them are even more functional, providing you with a stylus and business cards storage.