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iPad Mini 3 Covers

Buying a cover for iPad Mini 3 is always a good decision. MyTrendyPhone allows you to choose your iPad Mini 3 cover in just a few clicks, thanks to our filters. Many models, materials and colours are available and you can easily choose your favorite. Protective accessories not only protect your device from the accidents of everyday life, but also give it a touch of originality, which is their main asset.

iPad Mini 3 Covers

The iPad Mini 3 and the iPad Mini 2 have a lot in common: the same dimensions, display, processor, cameras, battery, and features. However, the Mini 3 does differ from its predecessor – it comes with Apple's Touch ID feature, 128GB of storage, and a new colour option – gold. It's an elegant, compact tablet with premium specs, which is why investing into protective accessories presents a smart decision.

Should You Change Your Cover or Not?

If you own an iPad Mini 2 and a corresponding cover, and you decide to get the iPad Mini 3, the good news is that you can probably use the same cover for the third generation of Apple's iPad Mini. This will definitely save you some money, but since each tablet should be protected to the maximum, it's recommended that each of your devices has a cover of its own. A cover will keep your Mini 3 out of harm's way even when you're not using it, and you can get it in a colour that will match the colour of your iPad's body.

iPad Mini 3: Covers and Touch ID

When it first appeared with the iPhone 5S, Apple's Touch ID feature presented a bit of a problem for some manufacturers of phone accessories. Since then, Apple's integrated the Touch ID sensor into its other devices, including the iPad Mini 3, but you shouldn't be worried about this, since third-party manufacturers have managed to fix these compatibility issues. Still, when purchasing a new cover, make sure (check twice if necessary) it is compatible with the iPad Mini 3. For example, if you like an iPad Mini 2 cover, check whether it is compatible with the Mini 3 in the product description.