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iPhone 5 Leather Cases

iPhone 5 Leather Case

Apple unveiled the latest generation of iPhone on September 12, 2012. Although the 4-inch screen makes the iPhone 5 noticeably larger than previous iPhone models, it is still the thinnest and lightest iPhone model ever with a brand new 7.6 mm casing of anodized aluminium. New features include amazingly fast A6 processor, iOS 6, improved battery life, but the most remarkable of all is the new Lightning connector. In comparison with its competitors, especially on the Android side, the iPhone 5 is still a small phone. The idea behind it, according to Apple, is that it still should be easy to hold and operate with one hand, unlike the cross between tablet and phone that exists in the Android market. Having in mind its specific dimensions and different design in comparison to iPhone 4 and 4S, it is clear that iPhone 5 owners will need completely new and redesigned iPhone 5 accessories.

iPhone 5 Leather Case Offers All-round Protection

Cases for iPhone 5 are one of the most popular accessories that every smartphone owner needs to have in order to keep the phone in pristine condition. They are made of different materials, available in various colours and shapes. When it comes to leather cases, they will not only protect your phone, but they will also add a touch of style to the overall appearance of the phone. Leather iPhone 5 cases also come in many shapes and styles. The two most common models are: 1) model-specific iPhone 5 cases, with all the necessary cut-outs, allowing you to access all the iPhone's functions freely 2) universal cases, compatible with iPhone, but also with other smartphones that have similar dimensions. The only drawback is that you need to take the phone completely out of the case in order to use it. One of the popular model-specific iPhone 5 case models made of leather, is iPhone 5 wallet style case. iPhone 5 leather wallet case is probably the smartest solution for all iPhone 5 users, making it easy to have both mobile phone and money or credit cards at the same place. iPhone 5 leather case with stand is another popular solution, making it easier to watch videos or make FaceTime calls on your device. iPhone 5 flip case is just as convenient, as it protects the screen, and at the same time allows full access to the whole device. When it comes to iPhone 5 pouch or holster, they come as cases made of genuine or faux leather, but it can be bit annoying having to take the phone from the case every time you need to send an SMS or answer a call.

Sena iPhone 5 Cases Made of Highest Quality Leather

Sena has recently announced a new line of protective leather cases available for the new iPhone 5. All their cases are meticulously handmade, with attention to smallest details. Sena iPhone 5 cases are all made from the finest quality, full-grain European leather, and the best part about them is that their collection includes all of the above mentioned popular iPhone 5 case models. Some of the popular iPhone 5 Sena case models are: - iPhone 5 Sena UltraSlim Classic Leather Case - iPhone 5 Sena Wallet Leather Case - iPhone 5 Sena Walletbook Leather Case - iPhone 5 Sena MagnetFlipper Leather Case - iPhone 5 Sena Corsa Leather Pouch - iPhone 5 Sena Hampton Flip Leather Case - iPhone 5 Sena Laterale Leather Pouch - iPhone 5 Sena Elega Leather Case