iPhone 5C Cases

Discover the finest iPhone 5C case for yourself in our online shop. You can find an impressive list of phone cases on this page to suit different tastes and meet all needs. Keep your phone neatly wrapped while being able to access all functions easily. While you are here, have a look at our selection of wireless headphones that you may find extremely useful.

iPhone 5C Cases

It looks like Apple has decided to step out of the black and white world and come up with some playful colours. iPhone 5C really comes as a refreshment to the Apple's line of smartphones thanks to their eye-catching colour versions- white, yellow, pink, blue and green. The colours are vivid and obviously made for those prefer fun and modern looking smartphones. iPhone 5C represents an affordable version of iPhone model since it is not made of aluminum but of poly-carbonate, reinforced with steel. It comes with a wallpaper that matches the colour of the back cover so it really looks like Apple has thought of every detail. The iPhone 5C is slightly larger than current iPhone 5, although it is designed to fit perfectly in one's hand. Everytime you get a new phone, it is suggested to get an appropriate case or cover to protect it from different damage factors, such as bumps, scratches and dirt. This way, your device will retain its attractive looks and last much longer.

Apple Offers Original Cases for iPhone 5C

Apple has also designed protective accessories for iPhone 5C, that offer functional and attractive protection to your new Apple smartphone. These iPhone 5C cases are designed to protect the back of the device and provide a firm grip. The material used for construction is high quality soft silicone rubber from the outside, while the interior is made of microfiber. The case feels very nice to the touch. On the back there are cutout patterns of circles, and since the cases come in different colour options, just like the phone itself, you make a combination that matches the iPhone 5C with your taste, making it unique and fun. Apple offers six different colours of their official iPhone 5C cases- yellow, green, pink, white, blue and black. All you have to do is find the right combination that reflects your personality. The iPhone 5C cases are designed to protect the back and edges of the phone, while display remains uncovered, so you might want to consider getting a screen protector to have an all-aroud-protection of your brand new iPhone 5C. In addition, the case allows you free access to all the phone functions, including ports, side buttons, camera lens and microphone.

Model Specific Cases and Other iPhone 5C Protective Accessories

Apart from the official line of iPhone 5C covers, there are many renowned mobile accessories manufacturers that offer cases specifically designed to fit the iPhone 5C dimensions. Companies such as Otterbox, Case-Mate, Krusell, Piel Frama, X-doria, and many more, offer beautifully designed iPhone 5 covers and cases made of high quality materials. From hard and durable poly-carbonate, to elegant geniune leather. Some of the manufacturers made sure that case provides you with not only protection and aesthetics, but functionality as well, offering cases with ID card slots and adjustable stand. As for the other accessories for iPhone 5C, you can equip your new device with iPhone 5C chargers and docking stations that allow you not only to charge your phone but to sync it with your laptop, PC or other device. You can also find some cool colourful headphones for iPhone 5C and in case a 250 hours of standby time is not enough for you, you can always make a back up with an external battery for iPhone 5C.