iPhone 5S Cases

There are many decision to be made as you choose from a range of iPhone 5s cases in our online shop. A well-cut phone case will allow easy access to all ports and let you use your phone freely while keeping it fully protected. Think about style as well as functions as you make your choice. If you also need a selfie stick, you can get one here!

iPhone 5S Cases

Apple has unveiled long-awaited iPhone 5S, is finally here and it comes with some fantastic features making it a truly remarkable smartphone and a perfect successor of the fifth generation iPhone. It looks like Apple has decided to set new some standards in terms of design and innovative features. We have to mention that iPhone 5S is the first smartphone to have the Touch ID sensor, implemented in the home button, that uses your fingerprint to unlock the phone and even to confirm your purchase when shopping online. In addition, iPhone 5S is equipped with a powerful A7 Apple processor with the first 64-bit processor in a smartphone ever. All these innovative features result in an outstanding performance.

Sophisticated Design of iPhone 5S

New iPhone 5S seems to push the limits when it comes to the design. To their line of standard black and white models they added some refined colours that really make this smartphone unique. iPhone 5S in Gold and Space Grey looks like a true definition of style and elegance. Furthermore, this iPhone 5 successor is extremely thin and lightweight designed with a great precision and attention to every single detail.

Apple Presents Leather Cases for iPhone 5S

As a cherry on top, Apple wanted to wrap up its new high-end smartphone in premium leather cases. These minimalistic design cases will protect your new iPhone 5S optimally, emphasizing its aesthetics at the same time. The high quality leather will protect the iPhone 5S from all common damage factors that may harm your phone. These cases are made to fit the device while the precisely made cut-outs align perfectly to allow you free access to all the buttons, ports and camera lens. The leather cases for iPhone 5S come in six different colors that will truly complement the looks of your new Apple smartphone. You can choose between yellow, pink, blue, beige, red and black.

Highlight the Looks of Your iPhone 5S with Customized Cases

Although the original case for iPhone 5S is thin and perfect fit to your new smartphone, there are other third part manufacturers that also offer model specific cases for this beautiful device that will provide you with an optimal protection from bumps, scratches and dirt. For instance, silicone cases for iPhone 5S are a great way to protect your phone from all the liquid splash that could damage your delicate device. If you want to protect your phone from scratches and accidental bumps, you can try a metal case that will protect the battery as well. Well known manufacturers like Belkin, Case Mate, Otterbox and Piel Frama offer various selection of high quality protective cases and iPhone 5S covers. Choose the one you like the most that will completely match your style and preferances. Apart from protective accessories for iPhone 5S, mobile accessories manufacturers offer other additional equipment for new Apple flagship, such as chargers, batteries, car holders and other accessories.