iPhone Battery

Buy from a wide range of iPhone batteries available on MyTrendyPhone at very affordable prices and you'll forget all about your iPhone battery dying fast. Whether you need a brand new spare part or a simple back up to power you up when you need it the most, you'll find them all here on this page. Have a nice shopping experience!

Stay Fully Charged at All Times with a New iPhone Battery

Having your personal iPhone is certainly more than satisfactory on its own, and why wouldn't it be? These handsets have proved time and again that they are reliable, high-performing devices and getting one's hands on such a gadget is surely a dream come true. No matter if you're in possession of an older model or the state-of-the-art iPhone X, you undoubtedly wish to maintain the device's top performance in any way possible.

Nevertheless, battery troubles happen even to the best of the best and your smartphone may not be exempt from these potential mishaps. That is why we have equipped our store with the widest selection of iPhone batteries—all you need to do is take your pick and relax knowing that MyTrendyPhone has made sure your handset will be good as new in a matter of moments.

Low iPhone Battery Life? MyTrendyPhone Is Here to Help

We're incredibly glad you've chosen us as your pit stop on the way to resolving iPhone battery issues. Here is how you'll be certain you're going to reach the wanted goal and succeed in locating the right type.

Firstly, as you're already on the page where all the models have been listed, you need to select the right subcategory. On the top you will see different images lined up which are designed to take you directly to a list of all the batteries in our offer especially made for the model of your choice. You'll be at the checkout in no time!

Is Your iPhone Battery Dying Fast? Get a Power Bank!

And then there's a whole world of premium mobile phone accessories out there and we're your fastest ticket to the perfect choice. If what you wish is to make sure you never run out of power, you might be in need of an external battery. While on the market for power banks, the important features to look out for include capacity and type, perhaps even dimensions and weight, depending on how travel-friendly you want your iPhone power bank to be.

Furthermore, certain accessories will be compatible with several models at once (even other types of smartphones, tablets and cameras), but it is always advisable to double check whether your particular model is supported.

If multifunctional accessories sound appealing to you, you might be interested in an external battery case that will not only prolong your iPhone's battery life, but also keep it protected at all times, which is the best kind of 2 in 1. Backup cases can be made out of a wide range of different materials, so you are free to decide on a leather or plastic case, one whose shell's combined with aluminium or a case that includes an additional transparent plastic bumper. You can also go wild with diverse designs, colours and images—your imagination's the limit. Suffice to say, choices are numerous.

Don't miss the chance to get all the power accessories that will make you forget all about iPhone battery issues!