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Everyone was happy to see Apple launching the Nano 6G. With the new multimedia player also came new iPod Nano 6G accessories. The new iPod Nano 6G is tinier than its predecessor and comes with a high-definition touch screen. The new version has 1.54-inch touch screen. It offers 24 hours of play time. It is available in two versions: 8GB and 16GB. Apple also introduced a large number of original iPod Nano 6G accessories such as the Nano 6G case. We offer a wide range of iPod Nano 6G accessories. If you want to protect your iPod player from scratches, scrapes, fingerprint and other damage, as well as everyday wear and tear, we strongly recommend you should buy products from our range of protective iPod Nano 6G accessories. Here you can find the best iPod nano 6G case, iPod nano 6G screen protectors, iPod nano 6G skins, iPod nano 6G covers, iPod nano 6G headsets, iPod nano 6G speakers, etc. Safeguard your iPod player's touch screen with invisibleShield protective films. You can find all of these iPod Nano 6G accessories at the best prices in the U.K.

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