Jabra Link 850 Digital Audio Processor

Jabra Link 850 Digital Audio Processor
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  • Jabra Link 850 Digital Audio Processor

    Jabra Link 850 Audio Processor provides consistent sound clarity, background noise reduction and safe noise levels ensure fewer call interruptions so agents complete more calls - faster. Built-in noise canceling capabilities and easy call management features promote a safe, comfortable and more productive working environment. Reduce the number of sick days and increase employee retention. The Jabra LINK 850 audio processor delivers acoustic shock protection and is compliant with the EU Noise at Work Directive and leading US recommendations, enforcing a maximum exposure limit of 85 dB(A).

    Key Features:

    - Dual connectivity. Connects to PCs (via USB), desktop phones or both.
    - Noise Cancellation - Advanced noise reducing technology eliminates disruptive sounds and call interruptions enabling more productive calls and a better call experience.
    - Removes line hiss, buzz and other distracting noises from the phone network.
    - Reduces background noise by only amplifying sounds over a certain level.
    - DSP (Digital Signal Processing) - Advanced technology that delivers crystal clear sound without echoes or artifacts so agents can have more effective conversations.
    - Automatically adjusts call volume to a comfortable level with no distortion.
    - Enables agents to adjust the sound of their headset to the optimal level of crispness and clarity.
    - Acoustic shock protection that removes potentially harmful sound spikes before they reach the headset. Protects the user by keeping the absolute sound level and the energy of the peak in the safe zone at all times providing safe, comfortable sound to your agents (max 118dB RMS).
    - Jabra audio processors are compliant with EU and US regulations and recommendations to ensure agent safety and compliancy with local laws.
    - Supervisor Port - Unique supervisor interface enables easy agent training and call monitoring.
    - A Busylight (optional) tells colleagues you’re on a call, keeping potential interruptions to a minimum.

    What’s In the Box:
    - Jabra Link 850 Digital Amplifier
    - Jabra QD to Modular Lightweight Coil Cable
    - USB Cable
    - Telephone Interface Cable
    - Switch Cover with Screw
    - Secondary Locking Cover

    Package: Euroblister

    EAN: 5706991010930


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