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LG Covers

Buy an LG cover in our online store! Browse our wide range of these protective accessories and find the cover for LG that best meets your expectations. These products will give your device a touch of originality while protecting it from the damages caused by everyday use. Take your time to choose your favorites and save up thanks to our competitive prices!

Affordable Covers for All LG Mobile Phones

MyTrendyPhone Boasts Fantastic Prices and a Large Selection of Covers

Believe us when we say that MyTrendyPhone UK is the right place for your to shop for LG covers. Think we are biased? Don't agree? Go on – click on any phone model on this page, and you will see what we are talking about. Our wide range of protective covers will leave your breathless! Why are we different than other shops? Because we have quality covers for both older and newer LG mobile phones and smartphones, and because we offer our products at really competitive prices. This means that you can save up when you purchase an accessory on our website, and if you find a shop with a lower price, we'll match it! Don't forget that you can also take advantage of our sales and promotions – for example, if you sign up for our Club Trendy, you will always have a 7% discount on certain products!

Let Us Help You Pick Out the Right LG Cover!

It doesn't matter which phone you have, what your personal style is like, or how much you are willing to spend on protective accessories – we can safely say that there is something for everyone on our website! Some customers arrive to this page with a pretty clear idea of what they want; others only know that they want an LG cover. Whether you belong to the former or the latter group, we have prepared a couple of pointers that should help you out. If you still can't decide which cover to get by the time you have finished reading this text, feel free to contact our customer support! They will be more than willing to assist you.

LG Covers: Different Types of Materials, Brands, and Functions

1. Silicone, Rubber, or Plastic – silicone covers might seem pretty basic, sure, but the good thing about them is that they don't allow your phone to slip out of your hands, and are really easy to install. Plastic covers, on the other hand, are hard, absorb shock better than silicone ones, and offer solid protection for your LG handset. Bear in mind, however, that this material can slide off any surface and out of your hand easily. Finally, a rugged, rubber cover often consists of a combination of layers, which provide additional protection for your phone, which is why many choose these covers instead of silicone and hard ones. 2. Battery or Regular Covers – any cover will protect your phone from everyday damage; a battery cover will not only do that, but also provide extra power for your phone when you need it the most! 3. Glitter, Colour, or Pattern – this is probably the most interesting part when picking out a cover, and it is entirely up to you. You style, your accessories. We have fun silicone covers in an array of bright colours, but also more basic ones in black and white. Maybe quirky patterned covers will be just for you, or perhaps you will find your ideal LG cover among all the glitter. 4. Brand – MyTrendyPhone has covers from different manufacturers, including Beyond Cell, iGadgitz, Nillkin, Incipio, etc. Don't forget that we also offer original covers from LG, such as the Slim Guard and Quick Circle covers.