Discover a Rich Assortment of LG G6 Covers on MyTrendyPhone

So, you've finally purchased the shiny, new LG G6 you've had your eyes on, and now you're thinking about buying an accessory that will help you keep it out of harm's way. As a company that's seen different types of phone damage throughout the years (caused by a lack of protective add-ons) we can safely confirm that this is a decision you won't regret. After all, isn't it better to equip your handset with a case or a cover, then to pay for a repair once it's broken or scratched?

With that in mind, we're proud to say that we offer one of the best selections of LG G6 covers available online and something for everyone in search of their perfect accessory. On this page, you will find products from different manufacturers, in a variety of colours, and with numerous features to make using your G6 easier. What's most important, however, is that you will find a cover that will keep your phone damage-free.

Tips and Tricks on Picking Out the Best Cover for Your LG G6

Buying a protective add-on for any smartphone might seem like a simple task, and while it's not complicated, sometimes it can be a bit frustrating. This especially refers to people who have never shopped for these types of accessories before and those who don't have too much patience for something like this. To help you out, we've prepared a couple of tips that you might be of use to you when browsing through LG G6 covers on this page.

  • Make sure to carefully read that short description beneath the product of your choice. It contains all the necessary information about it and will help you figure out whether it's the right one for you.
  • Decide which type of material you need for your G6. Rubber is more resilient than silicone, but also bulkier, and real leather is more durable than PU leather, but also more expensive. Silicone is easier to clean than leather, but doesn't look as elegant, while hard plastic looks cheaper, but will, in fact, protect your device perfectly.
  • Remember—covers won't protect the front of your phone, which is why it's recommended you acquire a screen protector along with it. If you want an all-around protection for your handset, check out our range of LG cases.
  • Determine the budget for your future add-on! You can even sort the products on this page according to price and see which ones are the cheapest, and which the most expensive ones.
  • If you have a brand that you prefer, check out that manufacturer's offer first and than the rest. If not, simply go through all the products on this page.
  • Finally, choose an LG G6 cover that will make you happy in terms of appearance. Whether you want a simple, monochrome one or a stylish accessory is completely up to you, but make sure it's something you like because you'll be using it on a daily basis.

Thinking About Your Smartphone's Safety Matters

You'll probably hear a lot of people saying how protective accessories only interfere with a certain phone's look or how they add bulk. Those same people might encourage you not to get a cover for your handset, but like we said at the beginning of this text—it's better to be safe than sorry. It's a lot easier, less expensive, and less stressful to get one of the LG G6 covers on our website, than to worry about your phone constantly. So, it's time to sit back and start browsing through our choice of products, and find the right one for your G6!