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MyTrendyPhone Can Help You Improve the Battery Life of Your Mobile Phone

Thanks to modern smartphones and a variety of options they offer, we've got used to reading the latest piece of news online, listening to music, or checking out posts and messages from our friends while going to our respective schools or workplaces. Most of us have probably got used to the following situation, as well: a couple of hours of music or web browsing later, your smartphone beeps and warns you that its battery is about to die out on you. There isn't a lot you can do in these situations, unless you have a charger at hand, but there is something that can definitely help you out – power banks.

Why Are Smartphone Batteries Getting Weaker?

Not a day goes by that we don't remember (with a deep, sad sigh) old phone models that you could use for several days on a single charge. Times have changed since then: we've become dependent on our smartphones for almost everything (messages, web browsing, music, games, etc.), monochrome displays got replaced by touch screens, and the GSM network by the UMTS/LTE network. Handsets are getting better, sure, but with all of these improvements, it's normal for them to have a shorter lifespan in return. So if you are looking for accessories to boost your phone's battery and help your phone function longer, then MyTrendyPhone is the place for you.

Is It Better to Replace the Weakened Battery Completely?

A number of smartphone users believes that the original battery should be replaced the moment it shows the first signs of weakness. Unless you have a smartphone that you've owned for about two years, and have charged it more than 500 times already, you should avoid getting a new one. If it isn't damaged or faulty, the first thing you should do is take a look at its capacity and make sure that it didn't originally arrive with a weak source of power. The capacity represents the maximum amount of energy that you can get out of a battery, and it's expressed in milliampere-hours (mAh). Tablets usually offer a larger capacity than smartphones; for example, the iPad 3 comes with an incredible 11,560mAh battery, and the iPhone 5 with only a 1,440mAh one.

Use Power Banks to Solve All of Your Battery Problems

If your smartphone's capacity is less than 2000mAh, it's recommended that you get a power bank. On MyTrendyPhone, you can find a variety of products that will keep your phone powered up – you can choose one according to its pattern, design, price, capacity, size, etc. It connects to your device via a USB cable, and usually has double or triple the capacity of your mobile phone, sometimes even more!

Power banks offer capacities between 2000 and 20000mAh, so you just have to find the right model for your needs. Once you do, you won't have to constantly look for an outlet for your phone's charger. Some of them combine two functions in one device, e.g. you get a power source with built-in speakers. A lot of these products are equipped with multiple outputs, 0.5 A, 1A or 2 amps (tablets 2A require, smartphones 0.5 or 1A) so that you can energize two or more of your devices.

If you are not sure which item to get, you can call our customer service department and ask for a piece of advice.