Nokia Lumia 920 Accessories

Get some Nokia Lumia 920 accessories to protect one of the first smartphones with Windows Phone 8, available in different colors. Lumia 920 has 1.5 GHz dual-core processor of the new generation (Snapdragon S4); 8.7 megapixels Pure View camera and 4.5" Pure Motion HD + display with a WXGA resolution make this phone main competitor to iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

A Variety of Nokia Lumia 920 Accessories

The Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the first smartphones with Windows Phone 8, and the very popular model of the Finnish company, which competes with Samsung and Apple's most advanced models. The phone is available in different colors, including black, white, yellow, gray, red. The first impressions you get from the new Lumia 920 may be large, heavy and clumsy smartphone. But, when you turn it on, the Nokia Lumia 920's charm begins. The striking colors, clever software and the divice equipped with an impressive camera are Nokia's attempts to break through into a top of best smartphones. And this year Nokia attracts all Windows Phone attention to itself with this Lumia 920! The Lumia 920 has 1.5GHz dual-core processor of the new generation (Snapdragon S4). It is also possible to charge wirelessly the 2000 mAh Nokia Lumia 920 battery using Qi wireless charger. The camera of Lumia 920 is also worth mentioning. Its 8.7 megapixels do not sound so special, but Nokia has the light output stabilization and optimized so that the quality of the pictures and videos is extremely high. You will watch photos and videos on a 4.5" Pure Motion HD + display with a WXGA resolution (1280 x 768). The Nokia Lumia 920 does what a smartphone should do - makes your life easier. Go to Top

Protective Accessories for the Nokia Lumia 920

It is very important to protect your new smartphone from harm, and the best solution is a Lumia 920 case or cover. The phone is already available in several striking colors, but you can still add colour to the divice by using some cute Lumia 920 cover. This way you will have your Lumia 920 well protected and with a changed design. A Lumia 920 screen protector is also useful to have for all-round protection. Cases for the Lumia 920 are made of different materials (leather, plastic, silicone) and are also available in various bright colors. A case is definitely a good solution to fully protect the phone, but will also provide little extra weight to the phone. Cases are usually very stylish and elegant, ideal for everyday use and they will provide good protection against scratches.

Nokia Lumia 920 Wireless Chargers

A problem which is still at issue in the current generation of smart phones is that the battery life is often much too short. The 2000 mAh battery of the Nokia Lumia 920 should ensure that you can get at least 12 hours of use, but for some this is not enough. Thanks to the popularity of the Windows Phone 8 divices, there are also many accessories for Lumia 920 diveloped. Nokia is not the first company that tried making wirelessly rechargeable smartphones, but they are the first company that approached this seriously. Thus, both the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820 are suitable for wireless charging directly from the box. There are already some covers for the Nokia Lumia 920 designed for the wireless charger, as well as the speakers that support wireless charging. DT-900 is original Nokia wireless charger, compatible with both Nokia Lumia 820 / 920. The charging time is comparable to that with the USB charger. And as the phone itself, the DT-900 wireless Lumia 920 charger is available in different colors that match the colour of the smartphone. Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charger is compatible with Qi standard for inductive charging, also supported by other Qi enabled smartphones (HTC, Samsung, LG). Go to Top