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Radio Mutes - Clearance Sale

Interface Adaptors
ISO Adapters
ISO2CAR Mute-adapters
Are you in doubt which Radio Mute you should choose?
  • Drive & Talk: For installation of all carkits
  • Interface Leads: For installation in cars / radios set up for Line-In (recommended)
  • Xpress mute cable: For installation of THB, Smarteq & FwD carkits.
  • ISO2CAR: For installation of Parrot carkits
  • Interface adaptors: These Interface adaptors are attached between carkits box and Interface cable.
  • Diverse cables: FM-modulator, iPOD cables, extended cables etc.

To choose the right cable you should take care of the following:
  • Car brand:
  • Model:
  • Production year:
  • Radio:
  • Mobile phone:
  • Carkit: