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Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

MyTrendyPhone's excellent offer on Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories consists of a variety of items for your mobile phone with a range of purposes. We offer Samsung S4 cases in different materials, holders, chargers and other Samsung S4 accessories for better functionality and a myriad of headsets for every occasion. Equip your device with the best products out there.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

The sequel is here: On 14/03/2013 Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4. At Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, New York, more than 3000 observers and journalists gathered to get first impressions on S3's successor. The camera has improved from 8 to 13 megapixels and offers many special, new features. Compared to the predecessor, the screen has grown from 4.8 to 5 inches; full-HD resolution dominates the screen. Otherwise, change in the design is minimal. The housing is made of plastic and is a bit lighter and thinner, but longer. Starting at the end of April, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 I9500 will be available in 155 countries.

New Features Introduced for the First Time

The front camera on the Galaxy S4 has two megapixels, and the back one features amazing 13 megapixels! However, the manufacturer has made efforts to improve the camera with interesting software functions. Although the user interface is identical to that of Samsung's Android cameras, there are some novelties, such as " E raser" - cool feature that detects moving objects in snapshots and erases them from the picture. Another great feature is the ability to use both cameras simultaneously to record photos or videos, named "Dual Shot". "Cinema Photo" allows you to combine a still image with a moving background. Other innovations include "Smart Pause" where the video is automatically paused if the smartphone recognizes that the user is no longer looking at the screen. "Smart Scroll" allows you to use only your eyes for scrolling pages. With the "AirView" you can preview your photos or videos by waving your hand just above the screen, without touching it. The new "Group Play" function lets you play the same music on multiple Galaxy S4 devices. Another innovation is Samsung "Knox", a feature which ensures that user's business and private data are separated. "Home Sync" is designed for indoor users to connect to multiple devices, so content can be easily exchanged. Samsung also comes with a number of new apps that are included on the Galaxy S4. So there is "S Translator" that enables you to speak in one language and have the phone translate it to another. "S Health" measures your daily activity, calories burned and a heart beat using a pedometer. Certain official Galaxy S4 accessories are introduced, and one of them is the S band which is helpful in case you are going to run without a phone in your pocket, because it allows the synchronisation of data to the phone. S Band is complemented with a branded set of body scales to weigh yourself with. With "WatchOn" users can see what's on TV. The app also works as a remote via infrared. Back to top

Official accessories for Galaxy S4

The new Galaxy S4 looks almost exactly like its predecessor, Galaxy S3. The housing is made of solid plastic; the display is moderately increased from 4.8 to 5 inches, now offering full HD resolution. Samsung knows that a great product like this one is not complete without corresponding accessories for Galaxy S4, so they released various official gadgets for their flagship phone. Besides already mentioned S Band and body scale, wearable Heart Rate Monitor is another fitness accessory that works in correspondence with the 'S Health' app, checking the heart rate in real time. Game Pad is another interesting wireless accessory for S4, perfect for gamers. When it comes to protection, S View Cover is basically nothing more than a Galaxy S4 case with standard flip design, with one small exception - it has a small rectangular window on the front, allowing users to take a quick look at the time, battery level, caller ID or weather widget. Wireless Charging Pad requires a new back cover to enable wireless charging. If you find this to be too complicated, you can always use standard Galaxy S4 charger. As the Galaxy S4 covers and cases are probably the most common accessories for mobile phones, popular manufacturers have introduced their versions of cases, available in endless designs, materials and colour combinations. Of course, various skins and screen protectors, as well as external battery chargers are not left behind. Back to top