Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Accessories

With excellent Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini accessories from our shop you can protect your new Samsung mobile. It is equipped with SUPER AMOLED 4.3-inch screen, Dual Core Processor clocked at 1.7 GHz, 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage, expandable via microSD. Give it the accessories it deserves.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Accessories

As the name suggests, Galaxy S4 Mini is a smaller version of Samsung's flagship model Galaxy S4. These two phones have a lot in common, in terms of design and software features. Smartphones nowadays are getting bigger, with larger screens, and when a manufacturer releases a smaller version of its top model, we realize these devices are not too small at all. This also applies to Galaxy S4 Mini, which comes with a 4.3-inch screen, comparing to the original screen size of 5 inches, which is not such a big difference. This means the Galaxy S4 Mini has the same screen size as Galaxy S2 and here we witness a tendency to increase the size of smartphones in general. Galaxy S4 Mini even has a larger screen than the Galaxy S3 Mini, a mini version of the famous Galaxy S3. This smartphone is more compact than its big brother, and therefore it is easier to use with one hand. The phone comes in three versions: Standard 3G version (I9190) Dual-SIM version (I9192) LTE/4G-version (I9195)

Protective Accessories for Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung is known for launching a range of Samsung accessories for the Galaxy models and the accessories for the mini version of Samsung Galaxy S4 aren't the exception. This model has the same protective equipment as the original Galaxy S4, of course, in smaller dimensions. The manufacturer offers an innovative protection called S-View Cover, primarily presented for the Galaxy S4, that now comes in smaller size in order to protect mini version of this beautiful smartphone. This Galaxy S4 Mini cover, apart from protection, provides a different functions as well. It is equipped with a transparent window on the front, which makes it possible for you to see the incoming call without opening the front flap of the case. Along with the S-View Cover, Samsung offers popular flip cover and Protective Cover +. Flip covers represent a smart and stylish way to protect your device, and Samsung produces them in a range of lovely colours. The Protective Cover + is keeps your device safe from different damage factors, since it is made of durable thermoplastic and therfore offers an exceptional protection.

On-The-Road Accessories for Galaxy S4 Mini

Except the protective accessories for your smartphone, it is essential to have appropriate car accessories and enjoy all the practical features of the phone as much as possible. The most important on-the-road accessories are car chargers and mobile holders that make the use of your device safer while travelling. The car charger for Galaxy S4 Mini will never let you run out of battery when you're on a road trip, while the car holder for Galaxy S4 Mini will securely keep your device, allowing you to have an insight of notifications on your Samsung, but most importantly to use your Galaxy S4 Mini for the GPS navigation. In a range of their official accessories, Samsung offers these car accessories for Galaxy S4 Mini, but many different solutions come from third-party manufacturers like Griffin, Kensington, Scosche, Belkin, and others whose model specific Galaxy S4 Mini accessories will perfectly fit your smartphone. Go to Top