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Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

The perfect Samsung Galaxy S5 case will most certainly find its place in your shopping basket once you've had a look at our amazing offer. All you have to do is explore our expansive selection of Samsung S5 cases and order. Buy your new mobile phone case and other accessories, such as cheap power banks, here and expect excellent service and prompt delivery.

Protective Gear for Samsung Galaxy S5

Smartphones may be getting more resilient, but they are not indestructible. If you don't want your phone to get damaged, then you might need to think about investing into proper protective gear. Having said that, if you are a proud owner of the Galaxy S5, then you probably want keep it in pristine condition as long as you can. Here at MyTrendyPhone we offer a large selection of cases for your Samsung Galaxy S5, both official and third-party.

Different Types of Cases for the Galaxy S5

S-View Case – This case is an official Samsung product and it guarantees the best possible protection for your phone. Thanks to a cutout on the front part of the cover, all important information on your screen is always visible, while the rest of the cutouts (headset jack, volume control etc.) give your full access to vital ports and controls. The back side of this case replaces the battery cover and the case itself comes in a number of bright colours. S-Curve TPU Case – Made of durable TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), this case shields your phone from everyday damage. The S-Curve case combines a flexible, silicone skin and a hard plastic casing, providing ideal protection for your Galaxy S5. Its raised edges protect the screen of your phone and thanks to its design, you can always access all controls and inputs on your phone. Vertical Flip Leather Case – The flip design and the magnetic closure on this case secure your phone so that it always stays safe inside the case. It is made of quality PU leather and comes with internal pockets perfect for storing credit cards or money. The integrated hard case provides additional protection against bumps and other kinds of damage. You will always be elegant and stylish with this case. Armband Case – This case is ideal for sports enthusiasts who can't go anywhere without their phones. It is made of light, waterproof material and you can adjust the armband to your liking. All the buttons and inputs are fully functional while you're exercising or jogging.

Other Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S5

MyTrendyPhone offers other quality mobile phone accessories at reasonable prices that will make your Samsung Galaxy S5 experience complete: holders, chargers, keypads, headsets, screen protectors etc.