Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Cases

We advise you to get a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge case if you want to protect fine lines of your mobile phone against damages and dirt. On this page you can definitely find a Samsung S6 Edge case that matches your tastes and needs. Charge your well-protected device with an effective wireless charger and enjoy the practicality of modern life.

MyTrendyPhone UK: Here to Help You Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

With a double-curved 5.1'' display, Samsung's own Exynos chipset, three different storage options, and a number of other impressive features, it's no wonder the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was the best and most interesting device at the Mobile World Congress 2015. With Android OS there to make everything run without a hitch, an improved fingerprint sensor, and a new camera app, the S6 Edge leaves little to be desired. It is definitely a true flagship in every sense of that word. Now, everyone knows that even the toughest of smartphones get damaged, which is why a lot of people decide to invest into various protective accessories for their devices. If you are one of the proud owners of the Galaxy S6 Edge you are probably aware of the fact that it should be kept safe. You can try to avoid scratches, bumps, and other damage, sure, but if you'd rather not worry about this all the time, you should think about getting a phone case for your device. And what better place to buy one than on MyTrendyPhone!

Your Perfect Galaxy S6 Edge Case Is Waiting for You!

We know that our range of Galaxy S6 Edge cases can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we advise all of our customers to take a moment to picture what their perfect case would look like. Do you have a particular material in mind? What about design? So you don't want a bulky case? Oh, you want a case with a fun pattern? These are just some of the questions that you might want to consider before diving into our sea of protective accessories, and they might help you out. Some will take more time to find their perfect case, others will fall in love with the right one at first sight, and the rest might end up buying more than one case for their Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge! No matter the scenario, we are sure you will find that one case for you in the end, because we offer products that should fit different styles, budgets, and desires.

Original Only: Samsung's Choice for You

With the GS6 Edge (and the Galaxy S6) also came official cases and covers, all of which look familiar, but offer refreshed designs, and some new features. * S View Case – the small, rectangular window lets you see a small bit of information when the case is closed. The leather is softer than that of the older case models, and there's no stitching around the edges. * Flip Case – like an S View case, only without a window in the front. You can choose either the soft leather version or a tough nylon one. Both the flip case and the S View case are available in a variety of colours – from standard blue and white to earthy tan, green, and brown. * Hard Cases – thin and tough, these cases offer basic protection from bumps and scratches. Colours are more subdued here – simple clear and semitransparent black. The case leaves the edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge exposed, so you can swipe away freely. * Clear View Flip Case – made of hard plastic, with a chrome or mirror finish and in bold colours. The cover isn't transparent, but when you close it, you get to see a basic clock and info from your phone shining right through!

Not a Fan of Original? Try Third-Party Galaxy S6 Edge Cases Instead!

For some reason, you just don't like Samsung's official cases, and that's fine. MyTrendyPhone has a plethora of fantastic cases from other known manufacturers that will surely appeal to you. Krusell, Bookstyle, Commander Twin, Tuff-Luv, Belkin, and Bugatti are just some of the names that you will find on our shop, so be sure to thoroughly explore our choice of third-party cases, and decide which brand works the best for you. Wallet cases, flip cases, armbands, waterproof cases, and so much more awaits for you, at different prices, so don't hesitate and begin your search right here, right now.