Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Accessories

Choose from a wide selection of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus accessories. Protect your phone from damage and find a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + case that fits your taste perfectly. Also, check out more practical and fun gadgets in our online store.

An Impressive Range of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Accessories

Introducing the Magnificent Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

For a while now, Samsung has been preoccupied with creating a smartphone that will successfully reconcile two opposing sides: screen size and portability. And that is precisely what the company's two flagships from August 2015 have to brag about—the vastness of their displays and the fact it does not add to the phones' bulkiness or take from the practicality of use. The larger of the two phablets, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, boasts the same attractive curved display as its closest sibling, the S6 Edge, with a significantly larger screen measuring 5.7 inches. The device runs on a 64-bit octa-core Exynos 7420 processor with 4GB of RAM, while its premium cameras sport 16 megapixels (primary camera) and 5 megapixels (secondary camera) and can shoot in 4K. Apart from creating an elegant and highly practical smartphone, Samsung also takes pride in the fact it incorporated the unprecedented fast wireless charging in its newest flagships.
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Protect Your Galaxy S6 Edge+ with Various Accessories on MyTrendyPhone

The more high-end and modern the phone, the higher your desire to keep it intact for as long as possible. Naturally, the stellar Galaxy S6 Edge Plus fits into that category perfectly. The goal of making sure your smartphone stays in one piece can be achieved through the purchase of various protective accessories—starting with a wide range of cases and covers, over different holders and car accessories, designed to keep your device safe and secure while on the road, all the way to screen protectors, which fit perfectly onto the massive display of your S6 Edge Plus and successfully protect it from scratches and dust. Whether you give precedence to one protective accessory over the other or you are eager to purchase several accessories at once—be certain MyTrendyPhone stores them all and is here to make your decision significantly easier!

Keeping the S6 Edge Plus Undamaged with Cases and Covers

Nobody wants their smartphone to suffer damage, which is why investing in a protective case or cover is an extremely important step. When treating your phone to a case, you might want to ask yourself what matters the most to you. If you want your case to be multifunctional, then wallet cases are just what you need; they will protect your S6 Edge+, whilst allowing you to fit your credit cards and cash there, as well. If you're mostly preoccupied with the way your smartphone will look and feel with the addition of a case, then a rubberized hard case could be your best option—it is easy to grip and will add no bulk to your elegant device, all the while keeping your phone unharmed and safe. If your biggest concern is making sure water never reaches the inside of your precious device, then you should be considering a waterproof case which, apart from protection, provides access to the touch screen and all the buttons.

Improve Your S6 Edge+ Experience with Additional Accessories

Don't stop at protective accessories—opt for fun and useful gadgets to go with your Galaxy S6 Edge+, as well! In order to make the most of your phone's impressive camera features, you could purchase a selfie stick and keep the most precious memories alive forever. Or, if you're more concerned with practicality, perhaps a pair of touch screen gloves is what you need in order to make sure you can use your Samsung smartphone at all times, even when it's freezing cold outside. In the end, various mobile phone accessories are there to take your entire user experience to the next level and all you have to do is select those you like and need the most. Happy shopping! Back to top