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 What is a game console?
A game console is a type of computer made especially for playing of video games. A game console might use a regular TV set as a monitor. Game consoles can be both stationary and portable. The latest generation of consoles includes: Nintendo DS, PlayStation portable, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3. We offer games for all consoles. Find good and cheap game consoles and game console accessories here! Choose from: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi xl, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Sony PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360.
Game console accessories
We have a wide selection of game console accessories: batteries, controllers, cables, chargers, memory card, spare parts, security, games, sports equipment, bags.
Wii accessories
Wii is a home game console. Wii primarily competes with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. Here you can find a wide range of Wii accessories, Xbox 360 accessories and Sony PlayStation 3 accessories.
Wii battery charger
If you need a battery charger for your Wii, you can choose from several models (desktop charger, travel charger, car charger). Desktop charger will charge the battery so that the wii do not run out when you play your favorite games. With a Wii car charger, you can charge the battery quickly and easily.

See also our large offer of Samsung accessories. Buy all types of Samsung accessories!
If you need HTC accessories, we recommend our range of HTC accessories! Do you love your iPod and want to get more accessories for it, we recommend our large selection of iPod accessories!


Console accessories

Great gaming accessories at affordable prices

If you still have not bought your console accessories come and visit our website. We have all necessary gaming accessories to make both you and your children happy. We sell all kinds of console accessories you can imagine. Visit our online shop and buy necessary gaming gear. And find the best Nintendo accessories and PSP accessories online at MyTrendyPhone.

Wii accessories

If you are looking for Wii accessories, you've come to the right place. You will surely find the right Wii accessories and other gaming gear for you! We offer the best range of console accessories. At you can buy high quality accessories for Nintendo Wii. All you do is browse our category gaming accessories and you will be redirected to the Wii accessories subcategory. We also offer a wide choice of Wii games, as well as the legendary Mario Wii games.

Wide choice of Nintendo DSi accessories

In case Nintendo DSi accessories are your thing, is the place for you! Among the other console accessories, you will find all Nintendo DSi accessories you can imagine! Even better - you will find all gaming accessories, from all brands and manufacturers!

Choose the right Xbox 360 accessories

You can find all the Xbox 360 accessories you need. Everything from different bags for chargers and batteries are available on our site. If you need other gaming accessories than Xbox 360 accessories, check out our wide selection of gaming gear. You can never go wrong by shopping with us. We sell high quality products at the best prices in the UK. Choose from a variety of fantastic and great gaming gear.

Looking for PS3 accessories?

Once you've come to the PS3 accessories category on our website, select the right gaming accessories that fit your PlayStation 3 game console. We offer a wide range of PS3 accessories such as controllers, skins, covers, chargers and more, as well as PS3 games. These console accessories and games can be purchased from us at the best price in the UK. Browse our selection of trendy compatible gaming accessories at truly affordable prices!

Cheap Xbox accessories

Console accessories are usually expensive, but we can help you find both cheap and compatible Xbox Accessories! Buy your Xbox accessories at low prices and have fun while playing your favorite console. Check out our great deal of other gaming gear. On our pages you can also find the best Sony PSP accessories, chargers, batteries, cases, PS3 games, Mario Wii games and more.

Besides Console accessories we also offer tablet accessories, iPhone accessories, iPad 2 accessories, ink cartridges, Samsung accessories, Nokia accessories, iPhone accessories, HTC accessories, car accessories, as well as iPod accessories. Check out our pages to find the perfect protection, memory card, headset or battery chargers for your mobile phone. Besides mobile accessories, we recommend that you also check our selection of iPad accessories, Sony PSP accessories, Bluetooth headset. is absolutely a one-stop shop for your gadgets and accessories!