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Shopping for hi-tech gadgets and appliances is undoubtedly fun. However, you will agree that in order to interconnect many of your existing and newly acquired devices, you'll need certain types of cables and adapters. Whether you wish to amplify your music-listening experience or connect your laptop to your brand new TV set, you are sure to be in need of a particular connector or a cable. Luckily, you've come to the right place as we offer a vast array of cables whose sole purpose is to provide you with limitless opportunities to make sure your devices are connected.

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For your browsing convenience, we have divided the main category "Cables and Adapters" you're currently visiting into four separate subcategories: video cables, audio cables, computer cables and gaming console cables. While every single subsection consists of numerous different types of cables, there are always certain items that see higher demand, which is where we come into the picture—especially if you're feeling a bit lost and are still unsure what kind of cable you need exactly. We at MyTrendyPhone can guide you through each subcategory, focusing on the more sought-after accessories and facilitating your search this way.

Exquisite Visual Experience with the Help of Video Cables

When talking about video cables, you'll be faced with equipment ranging from SDI cables and once popular SCART cables to standard S-Video cables and VGA monitor cables. Still, the interface that has been deemed a must-have in the recent years is definitely the HDMI cable. The reason for its unaparalled popularity is the cable's compatibility with a wide range of modern-day digital devices—from Blu-ray players and receivers to home theater systems—allowing you to effortlessly connect, say, your notebook to the TV and thus enjoy premium film viewing on a much larger screen. Furthermore, mini HDMI cables (type C) may also be of extreme use to you as they sport mostly the same characteristics, but are used to connect different devices, e.g. your camera and HDTV, enabling easy video and photo playback in high resolution.

Top Sound Quality Thanks to Diverse Audio Cables

If you're hunting for an audio cable, it might be useful to know the basics as different items will provide you with different services. For example, subwoofer cables are your perfect choice if you wish to focus on that appealing bass sound as the purpose of the cables is to eliminate distortion, decrease jitter and make sure nothing stands between you and high-quality sound. On the other hand, you might be needing a RCA connector, which is commonly used to carry audio and video signals. Then there are digital coaxial cables, digital optical cables, XLR cables—and we've got everything, all you have to do is point and click!

No Limits with Diverse Computer and Gaming Console Cables

Computer cables come in various forms—from monitor cables and USB hubs to power cables and network cables—and you've without a doubt had to use them on multiple occasions. Especially USB cables, which are virtually irreplaceable in most of our daily actions. Whether you need to charge your smartphone or digital camera, or wish to connect your printer or a game console, you're likely to be in need of a certain type of USB cable. Fortunately for you, we store them all, so you won't have to fret in the slightest. Lastly, MyTrendyPhone offers you a wide assortment of gaming console cables, compatible with your Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and other devices, allowing you to play your favourite video games to your heart's content.