Sound and Vision

TVs and Hi-Fi Systems: Turn Your Living Room Into a Cinema!

There is nothing more relaxing than to sit back in a comfortable chair, and escape to a different reality with a great movie! If you want to indulge yourself to the maximum when watching the latest episode of “Game of Thrones” or the newest Marvel movie, then we suggest that you invest into quality sound and vision accessories. This is, without a doubt, an investment worth every penny! What you get in return are countless movie nights, a crystal clear picture, fantastic sound quality, and – best of all – snuggling with your loved ones.

All Sound and Vision Accessories That You Need Are Here

This page is designed in a way that will make it easy for you to find products you are interested in, whether you are looking for a TV set, a DVD player, a projector, speakers, etc. Take a look at different subcategories displayed on this page, and click on the one that will help you narrow down your search. Our wide range of products comes from famous manufacturers such as Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Philips, as well as less known brands which are often more affordable. Whichever product you choose, we guarantee that you won't regret your decision!

LCD, LED, or Plasma – How Do I Choose?

Having a good TV is an important (if not the most important) part of any home theatre. Not only is it necessary if you want to enjoy a movie to the fullest, but the better the TV, the less your poor eyes will suffer. There are, of course, different kinds of TVs out there, and it's sometimes really easy to get lost while searching for the right one. Here we wanted to explain the three most common types of TVs on the market: plasma, LCD and LED.

LCD TVs – Just like their name states, these TVs come with LCD (liquid crystal display) screens. LCD TVs are usually super thin and have flat screens.

LED TVs – LED TVs work in virtually the same way as LCD TVs, except that instead of the cold cathode fluorescent backlighting they use LED backlightning. Some advantages of LED screens are lower power consumption, longer lifespans, and higher image quality.

Plasma TVs – Unlike LED and LCD displays, a plasma screen consists of small compartments (called cells or bulbs) in between two panels, which are filled with a mixture of noble gases and a tiny amount of another gas. When high voltage is applied to these cells, the gas forms plasma, and so starts the whole process “behind the screen”. Some of the most popular plasma TV manufacturers are Panasonic and Pioneer, but due to the rise of LCD TVs, plasma TVs are not in demand as much as they used to be.

DVD players, Audio Accessories, and Other Accessories

Although a quality TV does play a vital role in creating your home theatre, it's not the only component that matters. Picking out a DVD or a Blu-ray player, and a good set of speakers (surround sound or regular) is important, too! We have a number of different products for you here, in different price ranges, so you should have no trouble finding exactly what you need. We also offer various TV accessories for your home, as well, such as 3D glasses, remote controls, TV stands, etc.