Get a gadget from our online shop and make your busy day more fun! This category includes lots of trendy smart watches, camcorders, VR glasses and headsets, GoPro cameras, selfie sticks and more - so take a look at our gadgets here and save money and time shopping on MyTrendyPhone's 100% secure website!

A Fantastic Range of Gadgets for Every Aspect of Your Life

Hello and welcome to our category with gadgets! If you love all things technology, wearables, and various sports accessories, then this is the place to be! As you can see, we have divided this category into four subcategories in order to help you get to your desired products quickly and with ease: multimedia, smartwatches and accessories, sports and fitness, and tech toys. We offer a wide range of high-quality products that are at the same time affordable, so we guarantee that you'll find at least one gadget you'll want to place directly into your basket. If you have any doubts or can't decide which gadget you want to purchase, take a look at our short shopping guide below.

Sports and Fitness: Get Ready to Exercise with MyTrendyPhone!

Our sports and fitness accessories are ideal companions for those of you who love to jog, cycle, or go to your local gym. By monitoring your heartbeat, consumed calories, running or cycling distance, and even your sleeping patterns, these gadgets can help you improve your diet and your lifestyle, and make you feel more healthy and energized. Who needs a personal trainer, anyway? MyTrendyPhone is here to look after your well-being with our selection of sleep and activity trackers, blood pressure monitors, smartbands, Beanie Bluetooth headsets, etc. For example, the Jawbone UP24 smartband not only tracks how you eat, sleep, and move, but also gives you real-time updates on your progress, and challenges you to do better each day. Plus, it is a trendy accessory that will go great with your sports outfits!

Smartwatches: From the Gear S to the Moto 360

Naturally, we have a separate category for the most popular wearables on the market at the moment: smartwatches. Much like smartbands, smartwatches can help you monitor your physical activity, but this is not all they can do. You can use your smartwatch to answer or reject calls, send SMS messages, read emails, and check the weather. Smartwatches control your smartphone directly from your wrist – no need to look at your phone when you are in a meeting, walking down the street, or exercising. We have smartwatches made by Sony, Samsung, Motorola, and Cogito, and it's up to you to pick the one that you like the best.

Multimedia Gadgets and Tech Toys for Music, Games, and Photography Lovers

Not all of us are avid fans of exercising – maybe you'd rather spend your free time lounging on the couch, playing games, or listening to music, instead of jogging and lifting weights. In this case, make sure to check out our subcategories with different multimedia gadgets and tech toys. If you like listening to music and singing, you will definitely enjoy our choice of high-end speakers and microphones that easily connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. You can even organize a karaoke night with your friends! Are you a fan of photography? There's no need not spend a fortune on professional cameras – you can turn your smartphone into a high-end camera with a universal 3-in-1 lens kit, and take fantastic photos of all the important moments in your life. We also have selfie sticks and remote camera shutters for all the selfie lovers out there! Gamers, do not despair! Attach an iPega Gamepad to your phone, and play your favourite games wherever you are, in complete comfort. If you need something even more fun, then you might be interested Parrot MiniDrones devices, Cheerson Quadcopters, or your own Foosball Game Table!