Find Something for the Youngest on MyTrendyPhone

Although MyTrendyPhone UK is dedicated to selling mobile phone, tablet, and computer accessories, our online shop also offers items for the little ones in your family! Whether you need a birthday, Christmas, or an Easter gift, or you just want to bring a smile to your son, daughter, or younger sibling's face, then this is the place to be. Thanks to our unbeatable prices, you'll be able to buy fantastic products and not spend a lot of money! Don't let the name “Toys, Kids & Baby” fool you, however – there could be something for you in there, too. Who can resist toys, after all? So, get ready to not only shop, but have fun, as well.

Assembly Toys, Baby Care, and So Much More

Finding your perfect toy should be easy, because we have sorted all of our products into subcategories. For example, if you wish to browse through different LEGO sets, you can click on “Assembly Toys”, and if you want to buy a baby doll for you baby girl, then you can head over to the subcategory “Dolls”. Aside from a variety of toys, we have prepared for you items which will help you out in taking care of your baby or toddler on a daily basis: scales, baby monitors, night lights, and more. We've got you covered if you need school supplies, too! From school bags to telescopes, your child will have everything he or she needs for school.

Cameras and Tablets for Kids: Boost Their Creativity

Children nowadays are more familiar with technology than we are – it's sad, but true. At a very young age they will ask you to buy them a phone or a tablet, because all of their friends have it. Still, you might feel like they are just not old enough for a real gadget: what if they focus on their phone instead of studying, play games on their tablets rather than outside, and maybe even break a device that costs quite a bit? This is where kids' cameras and tablets come into the picture: they may offer less than real cameras and tablets, but they will keep your children entertained when you go on a vacation and help them be creative. We are sure that your child will happily snap away with one of the cameras in our offer! Afterwards, they can show you their first attempts at photography, and continue to develop their skills. The cameras are waterproof, so expect some amazing underwater shots, too! The Genius Designer Graphic Tablet is the perfect choice for kids who love to draw. They can paint, draw, and write on it, and even play an interesting game that will inspire them to learn colours, shapes, maths, and more.

Need a Phone Accessory for Your Child? MyTrendyPhone's Got It!

You might not want to buy your son or daughter a phone, but if they somehow manage to convince you, then they will need an appropriate accessory to protect it from everyday damage. While we do have a wide range of mobile phone accessories on our shop, you might be interested in something more child-friendly. In our “Kids' Phone Accessories” subcategory you fill find colourful phone cases in the shape of different animals, which come to life thanks to a free interactive app. Your child will most certainly enjoy listening to funny voices of the animals, and always have a friend to carry with them.