iPad Pro (1st Gen) Covers

Explore a Grand Selection of iPad Pro Covers on MyTrendyPhone

Anyone who owns Apple's iPad Pro knows that this is a larger-than-life tablet that offers not only an elegant design and superb display, but also powerful hardware that helps it run smoothly on a daily basis. It's a high-quality device through and through, and as such, a bit more expensive than some other tablets on the market, which is a reason more for you to take care of it to the best of your abilities. After investing into an iPad Pro, you're going to want to keep it in pristine condition as long as you can, meaning that you need to protect it from everyday damage, including falls, dirt, water, and more. Thankfully, there's a simple way to do just that – all you need are the right protective accessories. On MyTrendyPhone, there's a whole world of accessories for the iPad Pro, and in it, a part dedicated to one of the most popular type of products on our shop – iPad Pro covers. We've stocked our categories with a variety of both practical and fashionable covers, so all you really have to do is begin your search for that one cover for the iPad Pro that will fit both your needs, taste, and budget.

How to Choose the Best iPad Pro Cover for You?

There's no strict set of rules that will help you pick the best cover for your iPad Pro. Like we mentioned above, you need to think in terms of functionality, style, and price. Luckily, our shop offers a bit of something for everyone – even the pickiest of iPad Pro users. For example, leather covers are usually what our customers decide to purchase if they want a protective accessory that's durable and can withstand a lot. Naturally, some buy them because they look more elegant than, say, silicone covers, but more often than not, these leather covers are a bit more expensive than others out there. On the other hand, silicone iPad Pro covers are more simple and more affordable than leather covers, which is why they appeal to a lot of people. Silicone is a highly convenient material because it doesn't let your iPad slide off the table and covers made out of it are usually bendier and easier to use than leather covers. Our offer also includes a number of snap-on, crystal, and smart covers – the latter offer more interesting features than regular covers, e.g. the sleep/wake up function, the ability to rotate for 360 degrees, etc. Of course, a lot of people decide to disregard all of these special features and simply choose their iPad Pro cover based on its looks. Yes, that's right – your cover can act as a fashion add-on, too! Sometimes, iPad users buy a couple of them and switch them up on a day-to-day basis in order to change the look of their precious device. Your iPad can be covered in a vibrant accessory one day, in glitter the other, in classic black leather on the third day, and in a unique pattern on the fourth. Trust us when we say that the possibilities are endless.

Get an Original or a Third-party Cover for your iPad Pro

We wanted all of our customers to be happy, so we've made sure to fill our categories with both Apple's original equipment and covers by third-party manufacturers. Once again, based on what you prefer and your budget, you can pick out what works the best for you. Perhaps it will be a cover with the bitten apple on it or an accessory by another famous brand out there. Whichever one you choose, you won't make a mistake, because your iPad Pro will be protected from damage! Of course, in case you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Service department and they'll do their best to help you out!