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Black Friday

Black Friday 2020 at MyTrendyPhone UK

Great news! The holiday season deals start with Black Friday sales on 27 November!

You already know that the hunt for Christmas presents at the most affordable prices doesn’t start a few days before the holiday itself but earlier during Black Friday. If you do your shopping right then you should spend money wisely and also ensure to have enough time for wrapping or exchange if needed.

If you want to buy a smart watch, a phone cover or other cool gadgets for your dear ones you should definitely think of waiting for this day. With that in mind, we have put the list of all the things you could need to enjoy your shopping to the fullest and some extra treats that will make you a real genius regarding this world phenomenon.

Black Friday Shopping: Prepare Yourself In Time (6 Steps to Follow)

It is very important to be ready and fully prepared before you start your hunt for best Black Friday deals. We give you 6 important steps that will make your shopping even more effective.

  1. Make a Black Friday shopping list of your favourite phone accessories
  2. Bookmark MyTrendyPhone’s Black Friday page so you don’t miss anything
  3. Check your billing information and card validity as every minute counts
  4. Make your budget because you don’t want to spend a fortune in one day only
  5. Leave something for Cyber Monday as great surprises await you just a few days later
  6. Ready, steady, go - at the right time so you wouldn’t start the shopping too late or too early
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Black Friday Questions You Are Probably Asking Yourself?

If you ever wonder about Black Friday history and its facts you don’t need to wander around and search for answers anymore. You got them all here.


1. What Is Black Friday and Where Does it Come From?

It is, without a doubt, one of the biggest online shopping days which began its conquest from the USA. It marks the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

It first became popular in the UK during the 2010s.


2. When is Black Friday?

It always starts on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. As Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday of November then Black Friday is always on the last Friday of November. So it can be between 23 and 29 November. This year it is on 27 November.

See dates for next Black Friday sale for following years and prepare yourself.
2021: 26 November
2022: 25 November


3. How Long Does Black Friday Last?

In the beginning, it lasted just one day, but as time went by it became a huge phenomenon so popular around the world. Great Black Friday deals started to be active during the whole week before and during the weekend after, the whole way to the Cyber Monday.

With that in mind, we have even Black Friday Week and Black Friday Weekend today.


4. What Is the Origin of Black Friday?

Everything started during the late 19th and early 20th century. Thanksgiving parades with Santa at the end have been sponsored by huge department stores such as Macy’s and Eaton’s.

These parades gave the message that Santa and Christmas are just around the corner as Christmas is the first big holiday that comes after Thanksgiving. It has been just an advertising trick that had ended with a huge visit from customers and became more than a passing hit.


5. Where Does the Name Black Friday Come From?

It got its name during the 1960s thanks to the police officers, bus and taxi drivers who complained to the traffic jams that occur during the Friday after Thanksgiving. People have been shopping for Christmas in the retail stores that offer discounts in enormous numbers.

Due to its negative connotation, retailers and merchants tried to change the name to Big Friday, but with no success.

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Black Friday Online: MyTrendyPhone’s Deals for You

No need to wait in line for those perfect deals on phone accessories, do your Christmas shopping directly from the comfort of your cosy armchair.

So warm yourself up by the fireplace and enjoy the hot chocolate with marshmallows as MyTrendyPhone has prepared a fantastic offer that will save both your money and your time. Check this page for the best deals of the year!

We hope you’ll follow our advice and won’t miss anything during the big sale. Enjoy!