Car Phone Holder

Using Mobile Phones While Driving: Only with the Right Car Accessories

Mobile phones are useful devices, sure, but they can also be highly distracting, especially if you own a high-end smartphone with a number of interesting features and options. In the past, we used mobile phones mostly for making phone calls and texting, but nowadays we rely on them for navigation, reading, web browsing, gaming, and so much more. It's become normal for us to play games or listen to music while we're waiting for the bus, or to make last-minute preparations for our next meeting while we're waiting for our plane to take off. While it's safe for you to send SMS messages and play games while you're sitting in a bus or at an airport, doing the same thing in your car is definitely not. Thousands of car accidents happen on a daily basis because of people texting or web browsing while driving, and show us the terrifying side of these modern devices which we have all but become addicted to. However, if you simply cannot avoid using your phone while driving, then you should at least think about getting car accessories that will make your rides more safe.

Keep Your Eyes and Mind on the Road with Car Phone Holders

Car holders are fantastic accessories which will not only keep you safe, but your phone, too. There are different models of car phone holders available on the market, both universal and model-specific, so you'll be able to choose which one works for you the best. Most of them are fairly easy to install inside your car thanks to suction cups or clips – you simply attach and secure them to the windshield of your car, the air vent, or another smooth surface, and you're good to go! Each car holder brings something of its own to the table – for example, the ones with the goose-neck design are extremely convenient to use because they can be rotated for 360 degrees and put in both portrait and landscape modes. Car holders can also be divided into passive and active car holders. The main difference between these two groups is that passive holders are there only to secure your phone and keep your hands free – you install them in your car, place your phone into them, and drive on. Active car holders, on the other hand, arrive with an additional or a built-in car charger, which can really come in handy, especially during longer car rides.

MyTrendyPhone UK – Car Phone Holder for Each Phone Model

MyTrendyPhone has an incredibly wide range of car accessories both for smartphones and tablets, at favourable prices. It doesn't matter if you have an Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, Sagem, or a Philips mobile phone, on our online shop you will find a suitable car holder for it that will keep you safe while you're behind the wheel. We suggest that you take a look at car holders manufactured by famous companies like Brodit, Naztech, Arkon, Exogear, and Belkin. Aside from car holders, we also offer other high-quality car accessories for your phone, such as radio mutes, car chargers, car cameras, cables, stereo kits, etc.