Selfie Sticks

Everyone wants that perfect picture. All you need to do is find a best selfie stick in the fantastic range of products in our online shop. Choose what suits you best from the selection of easy-to-carry selfie sticks in different shapes and sizes to make sure you capture everything. Think one step ahead - get a power bank and you are good to go!


Use a Selfie Stick and Expand Your Horizons

One simple gadget has made all the difference over the past decade and has become almost indispensable in our daily lives and certainly so in our travels. The miraculous selfie stick has given us an opportunity to record unforgettable memories in a way that would have been impossible to do not so long ago. No wonder it has become one of the most wanted gadgets out there, and no surprise manufacturers are constantly bringing forward endless variations. Everything you always wanted is now available.

What Is a Selfie Stick?

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones, and in all likelihood this has been the case with the invention of the selfie stick. In essence, it is simply a long stick made of plastic and metal. What makes it special is the purpose it serves - mount your mobile on it and connect it using a jack or Bluetooth connection and watch the options as they appear before you in an instant. The impossible becomes possible and you are suddenly granted bird's-eye views and angles you won't believe. This simple device enables you to take the most amazing pictures – with you in them!

Explore New Options and Follow the Latest Trends

The past few years have witnessed a constant development of functions and styles with practicality remaining the most defining characteristic of each model. Most products now come with extra features such as Bluetooth remote camera shutters, rotating adjustable brackets, wrist straps and a range of mounts. You want to choose a gadget that is solid and robust enough to ensure durability and foldable and easy to carry at the same time. The extendable selfie stick has revolutionised the market constantly pushing length bars – is there even a limit?

If you are looking for a monopod selfie rod, you want to think about both secure grasp and comfort. It is wise to opt for a model that provides the best fit for you. A breakthrough has been made with the built-in selfie stick tripod storming the market providing an amazing two in one experience – use your gadget in a traditional way or transform it to a standalone device within seconds!

How to Choose the Right Model?

Whether you are looking to buy a selfie stick for iPhone, Samsung or any other device, you will find that most products in our offer will be compatible with your mobile phone. It is advisable to check the product description in detail before making the purchase to verify its compatibility with your specific device. Bear in mind the weight and dimensions of the product before making a decision on what to buy. You may not want to carry a lot of weight on your travels or end up realising you wanted a longer stick after all.

Always think about your needs first – it is sometimes better to choose two separate products for two different purposes than a universal one that doesn't work for you. We also have a wide range of mobile phone accessories to offer that can serve you well to protect your phone before, after and during your selfie experience.

When you've done all the research and decided on your purchase, all that’s left is to strike a pose and smile. And always make sure you get all your loved ones in that perfect selfie – a good selfie stick will certainly allow you to do so!