We have prepared an impressive selection of headphones, earphones and AirPods so be certain to find the right match for your mobile device on this page if sound quality is what you've been searching for. Try to check out all our stereo headsets as well as Bluetooth speakers and other sound accessories and don't miss out on great deals.

Headphones and Other Sound Accessories for the Best Music Experience

Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “Without music, life would be a mistake.” If you live and breathe music, you know this to be true, and you know that the only way to truly enjoy your favourite songs is to listen to them in high quality and at full volume.

However, if your friends, family, or colleagues do not share your passion or your taste in music, you might be forced to find another solution. This is where headphones and headsets come into play.

Because AirPods and sound accessories are in high demand, we set up a separate category for them here on MyTrendyPhone. You will stumble upon not only different types of these products in our shop but also various cables, adapters, speakers and Bluetooth speakers.

Which accessory fits your personality the best, though? We can help you make your choice.

A Wide Range of Headphones and Headsets

When it comes to this piece of sound equipment, a lot of people ask themselves why they should buy a separate pair, when they already get one pair of perfectly good headphones with their smartphones, tablets or MP3 players.

While this is true, there are also those who are not satisfied with the quality and performance of those products we mentioned above. If you belong to that particular group of people, then you'll be glad to hear that our online shop offers a great selection of products that are both durable and high of quality, plus really affordable.

To help you purchase the best possible sound accessories, we have created a short shopping guide below.

Types of Headphones – Feel the Music

Back in the day, most of us picked out our headsets based on either their size or colour – sometimes both. Let's face it, there weren't a lot of other functions to make them more interesting.

Nowadays, however, there is such a wide variety of products on the market, with different functions and looks, that you can sometimes have trouble choosing only one pair.

They are usually divided into two main groups: There is a large number of headphones out there, but they are usually divided into two main groups: - Headphones – they are larger and usually provide better sound quality because the ear cups cover your entire ears. Subcategories: on-ear and over-the-ear.

Earphones – popular because they can be easily put inside your pocket and used anytime, anywhere – while you are exercising or waiting for your bus to arrive. There are two subcategories of them, too: in-ear headphones and earbuds. The main difference between them is that the in-ear ones, like their name, suggests, go inside your ear canal.

Types of Headsets - Listening and Speaking Made Easy

Headsets combine headphones and a microphone, which is extremely practical when it comes to communication, not only business but personal, too.

Having one can come in handy when you play a game on your computer with your friends or when you want to talk to someone on Skype. If you are in your car or in the street, it will keep your hands free and make your ride or walk safer.

For example, AirPods are highly popular among our customers, because they connect to your iPhone via (you guessed it) Bluetooth, and help you get rid of cables.

Browse through our offer – we guarantee that you will not regret it! We have selected models from Happy Plugs, Jabra, JVC, Monster, Beats by Dr Dre, Noontec and a number of other manufacturers that are best known for their sound equipment.

Where Do You Use Your Sound Accessories the Most?

If in doubt, you can always count on our customer service department to help you out, but our suggestion is that you first think about situations in which you will be using your sound accessories.

We recommend Bluetooth headsets to those of you who often travel by car, and need to be available at all times. With a headset like this, you can keep both of your hands on the steering wheel, and focus on the road ahead.

Special sports headphones are usually resistant to moisture and sweat and are suitable for sports and sports enthusiasts. We also have more basic items if you need a pair to use at work or at home, at fantastic prices.