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A Rich Assortment of iPad Accessories on MyTrendyPhone

Since the launch of their very first tablet in 2010, Apple's elegant iPads have become some of the most popular devices in the world and have reached a level of success other companies can only dream of. This doesn't come as a surprise, really – the portable computer with the bitten apple logo offers an elegant design, a powerful set of specs, and a number of interesting features that leave no one indifferent. Of course, even the best of the best can be improved with just the right add-ons, which is why we offer a fine range of iPad accessories that should help you not only protect your device, but use it to the maximum, too.

Each iPad Model Is Better Than the Previous One

The iPad 1 (the first generation) came with an Apple A4 chip, a Cortex-A8 processor, 256MB of RAM, a 9.7-inch IPS touchscreen, and a wide range of great features (iBooks, Safari, iWork, etc.). It was something different, something people would remember for years to come, and something that would be a stepping stone for all the upcoming devices. After four standard generations and three mini versions, Apple introduced the fifth generation of its tablet and the first of the iPad Air in 2013. What followed was the release of the iPad Air 2 (thinner and more superior that its predecessors in every way) and the Mini 3, both with iOS 8.1, more storage options, and fantastic hardware specs. Although Apple might be the most popular electronics company in the world, it has a bad habit of discontinuing its older devices immediately after releasing new ones. This is why it can not only be hard to find older iPad versions, but accessories for them, too. Luckily, MyTrendyPhone offers appropriate and high-quality accessories for all versions of Apple's tablet.

Find All iPad Accessories That You Need Right Here

If you want to narrow down your search and make the process quicker, simply type in the model of your device into the search box on the main page. A list of subcategories will appear on your screen where you will be able to choose exactly what you need from our vast range of accessories. Batteries, chargers, cables and adapters that come with the specific Apple Lightning port will breathe new life into your tablet on a daily basis. They will make sure that your tablet stays fully charged at all times and that it is always ready to use. If you want to protect your iPad, then you can browse through our selection of model-specific cases and covers – Apple's Smart Covers and Smart Cases, in a number of colours. Bear in mind that the quality of products does not depend on their prices, which means that you can find excellent accessories at budget-friendly prices! We offer a variety of universal accessories, including cases, mounts, Stylus pens and Bluetooth keyboards, all of which can come in handy at one point or another. If you want your typing to be smoother, easier, and faster, then a Bluetooth keyboard might be the right accessory for you.