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iPhone 5 Covers

All iPhone 5 covers available on this page provide different types of phone protection and are suitable for many purposes. Discover our range of leather wallet covers, silicone back covers, armbands, bumpers and a lot more types that will enable you to protect your phone. Try pairing a back cover with an iPhone 5 screen protector, also in our offer.

We offer various iPhone 5s covers, iPhone 5c covers, AND IPHONE SE COVERS AS WELL.

iPhone 5 Covers

Best iPhone 5 Covers

If you are looking for a trustworthy web shop for mobile accessories, then you have come to the right place. Among many other, offers high-quality accessories for iPhone 5. There is a large selection of iPhone 5 covers, too. Our list of iPhone 5 covers incorporates only the compatible products at the best prices in the U.K. Find iPhone 5 covers made by most famous manufacturers in the world: Case-Mate, OtterBox, Apple, Belkin, Zagg, Golla, Puro, Ferrari, Incipio, Ferrari, and other. Also, check out our range of iPhone 5 covers / iPhone 5 Bumpers and choose those that suit your lifestyle best. There are also iPhone 5 battery covers and iPhone 5 silicone covers offered. What's more, besides covers for iPhone 5 you can visit our other categories and sub-categories: iPhone 4S Case, iPhone 4S Charger, iPhone 4S Cover, iPhone 4 Case, iPhone 4 Battery, iPhone 4 Cover, iPhone 4 Skin, iPhone 4 Screen Protector, and more.

Cheap iPhone 5 Cases

Not only does an iPhone 5 case or iPhone 5 cover deliver a great amount of protection to your smartphone, but it also gives it a new and elegant look. iPhone 5 leather cases are custom made for the Apple's newest mobile phone, and offer a form-fitting design. With high-quality iPhone 5 covers, you can protect your new iPhone 5 from bumps, impacts, shock, drops, scrapes, scruffs, scratches, fingerprints, and everyday wear and tear. Buy leather iPhone 5 cases or iPhone 5 covers at the best prices and save up to 50%.

Beautiful iPhone 5 Skins

Owning a cutting-edge smartphone such as the new iPhone 5 allows you to do many things. It also tells about your taste. has an entire spectrum of iPhone 5 covers and iPhone 5 skins to offer. These protective accessories can notably enhance the look of your smartphone. There are various iPhone 5 skins on our website made by the best manufacturers. Choose original and genuine skins and covers for iPhone 5. Protect you phone ultimately, with iPhone 5 covers and skin, iPhone 5 silicone covers or iPhone 5 battery covers, and keep it look like new. Pick the style, colour, pattern or texture you like best.

Affordable iPhone 5 Accessories

The year 2012 is the year of iPhone 5, and everyone is happy to see this amazing smartphone finally released. Our online web shop offers varied iPhone 5 covers / iPhone 5 bumpers and other iPhone 5 accessories at affordable prices. These include cases, covers, chargers, screen protectors, batteries, skins, headsets, holders, car accessories, and more. There are iPhone 5 accessories for all styles and tastes for you to choose. Make a pick among a sea of different models of iPhone 5 covers or cases.

Create a Custom iPhone 5 Cover

If you want to be unique and exceptional, MyTrendyPhone UK has a solution for you! We give you an opportunity to design your own cover for iPhone 5, fast and easy! Create a cover that no one else has, with your personal photos and designs. Custom cover for iPhone 5 is an ideal gift, so surprise friends and family with the iPhone 5 cover designed by yourself.