iPhone 6 Covers

Keep your loyal iPhone 6 as fit as a fiddle with a new iPhone 6 cover! Since we have so many amazing accessories to choose from, we’ve put together a practical guide of the best covers that you can buy right now, just to make it easier. We might even suggest that you add a lovely Apple Watch to complement your smartphone use, and ensure that you keep up to date in these modern times.

Our Guide to iPhone 6 Covers

Our offer also includes iPhone 6s covers.

Best iPhone 6 Covers According to Our Customers

Phones are just one fall away from becoming unusable. To avoid that, here are the top 5 iPhone 6 covers to help prevent damage to your precious device.

  1. iPhone 6/6s TPU Case

    Sometimes the simplest choice is the best

    • Flexible, made of silicone, and as durable as plastic
    • Easy to access to ports and buttons
    • Side edges raised to prevent damage to the screen

  2. Multifunctional iPhone 6/6s Leather Cover Case by CaseMe

    Sometimes it’s best to have an all-in-one cover and case

    • Unique 2-1: elegant wallet case and detachable cover
    • 13 card slots and one for a picture
    • Useful zip-up compartment for money
    • Magnetic detachable case

  3. Spigen Rugged Armor iPhone 6/6s Case

    Practically impervious to damage

    • Perfect protection
    • Precise cut-outs for ports and buttons
    • Doesn’t add bulk, slim profile
    • Elegant and sophisticated surface
    • Flexible as a silicone cove

  4. 4smarts Ibiza Clip iPhone 6/6s Cover

    Stylish and transparent, it protects your phone while retaining the elegance of your device

    • Elegant and fancy appearance
    • Silicone frame absorbs impacts and bumps
    • Fits perfectly
    • Easy to install and remove
    • Perfect cut-outs

  5. iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Puro Glitter Cover

    Get this shiny cover if you want to add spice to your smartphone

    • Stylish, glittery surface
    • Raised edges for extra protection
    • Made of high-quality TPU
    • Protects your phone from hits and scratches

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