iPhone 6S Accessories

It will be easy for you to shop for iPhone 6s accessories here since we have done a great job at putting together an amazing list of iPhone 6s cases an amazing list of phone cases, batteries and smartphone covers, chargers, car accessories and a lot more. Anything you may need for your phone to work properly is easy to access right here. It is also a very simple process, just click and buy.

A Bountiful Selection of High-quality iPhone 6s Accessories on MyTrendyPhone

Learn a Little Bit about the iPhone 6s

In September 2015, Apple introduced two long-awaited flagships, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. The smaller of the two, the 6s, boasts a 4.7-inch Retina HD display and, thanks to a highly advanced type of technology, features the so-called 3D Touch, which allows users to interact with their phone in a whole new way by making use of diverse kinds of taps and different levels of pressure. The interior composition wasn't the only thing upgraded—the exterior design was, as well. Apart from the standard Apple colours—Silver, Space Gray and Gold—the 6s also comes in a gorgeous shade of pink called Rose Gold. On top of everything, the enclosure is made from a special kind of aluminium used in the aerospace industry, which calls for the next big step—protecting and equipping the phone with various iPhone 6s accessories. Lucky for you, MyTrendyPhone has just the thing you need! Go to Top

Consider Genuine Apple Accessories for the iPhone 6s

The stunning exterior of the flagship may be enough to draw you in, but protecting and taking care of the flawless state of your iPhone is the next giant step. Treating your iPhone 6s to original Apple accessories is, naturally, highly advisable as you can be certain they will be a perfect fit. To shield and beautify the handset, you can choose between iPhone 6s leather and silicone cases, depending on what you are looking for. The leather case will give your 6s a luxurious touch and protect it with its microfiber interior, adding virtually no bulk. A silicone case, on the other hand, is entirely slim-fitting and will cover the phone in order to keep it safe. Another original Apple accessory to give some thought to is definitely the Lightning Dock, which can charge your iPhone and sync it with a Lightning connector, while keeping the phone in an upright position. In addition, since the dock sports an audio port, you can use the time it takes for the device to charge up to listen to your favourite tunes and relax a bit.

A Vast Choice of Third-party iPhone 6s Cases Just for You

While official accessories are definitely attractive, going for third-party cases for the iPhone 6s is another valid option. On MyTrendyPhone you will find a vast array of different manufacturers which offer the most diverse iPhone 6s covers and cases. Whether you choose to buy accessories made by Incipio, Puro, Otterbox or any other company, you can rest assured your device will be thankful you've decided to protect it from damage, scratches and bumps.

Keep Your iPhone 6s Functional—Invest in Spares and Tools!

Sure, shopping for aesthetically pleasing and protective accessories is fun, but there may come a time when your device will need some assistance. That's when you might decide to take matters into your own hands and acquire the right iPhone 6s tools and spare parts. The good news you can get all of them on our shop and, with the right utensils in hand, your smartphone will be as good as new in no time! Go to Top