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MyTrendyPhone's outstanding assortment of iPhone 7 headphones and earphones enables you to obtain excellent audio products for any occasion. We offer iPhone 7 headsets with cords, wireless earphones, speakers and other sound accessories compatible with your mobile phone. We offer best prices on wireless headphones and other Bluetooth accessories.

High-quality iPhone 7 Sound Accessories Can Make a World of Difference

Music plays a huge part in our everyday lives, which is why we're always looking to buy the best possible audio equipment for our computers, tablets, and, of course, smartphones. A first-class headset or a powerful set of speakers can really change our user experience when we're listening to our favourite songs, watching "epic" movies, or even having regular, old phone conversations. Simply think about hearing a song in crystal-clear quality versus hearing it, for example, muffled. Luckily, MyTrendyPhone offers a variety of top-quality iPhone 7 sound accessories which will help you avoid the latter and let you enjoy your music the way you're supposed to. There are different types of audio accessories available on our shop, so be sure to browse through most of them until you find something that you really like. If you stumble upon some difficulties while shopping, remember that we're always here to assist you, and if you need more information about iPhone 7 headphones or headsets, keep on reading.

Official Sound Accessories for Your iPhone 7 Come in the Form of AirPods

When Apple released the iPhone 7 and its bigger sibling, the iPhone 7 Plus, it also unveiled the company's very first wireless headphones – the AirPods. Described as easy to use, reliable, and modern, these iPhone 7 sound accessories present a way for you to stay true to the Cupertino giant and its original products, and listen to music without the tangle of annoying cables. Once connected to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac, they never disconnect plus you can talk to Siri without even looking at your handset. When you take a call, the microphones in the AirPods filter out external noise and make your conversations completely clear. You can count on five hours of listening time with these particular headphones and they can be quickly charged when you need to use them. Now, bear in mind that, just as other Apple original products, the AirPods, too, come at a higher price. If you feel like this is not something you'd be satisfied with, then you'll be glad to hear that there are other sound accessories for your iPhone 7 out there which you can use even without the 3.5mm headphone jack.

A Fantastic Selection of Bluetooth and Wireless Headsets and Headphones for the iPhone 7

First things first – in case you really want to use wired headphones and headsets with your phone (old but gold, right), simply connect it to the included Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter and then attach the audio accessory of your choice. If, on the other hand, you don't want the messiness cables bring, be sure to browse through our range of quality iPhone 7 sound accessories hand pick the one you have your heart set on. Our shop features products from famous brands, including Braven, Logitech, Ksix, and Nillkin, if it's a certain name you're after, but you can also choose an accessory based on its type. With this in mind, you can equip your fantastic iPhone with one of the popular noise-cancelling headphones, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, or practical iPhone 7 headsets from our range, and make sure that every song or conversation from now on sounds sharp, clean, and pleasing to your ears.