Samsung Galaxy S6 Covers

Buying a Samsung Galaxy S6 cover from our rich offer enables you to protect the back side of your mobile phone not giving up on your style. We offer different models of covers in variety of colours and materials to provide something for everybody. Fulfill your collection of phone accessories with a practical Samsung charger or other products from our offer.

A Samsung Galaxy S6 Cover for Everyone

To Cover or Not to Cover – That Is the Question

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 didn't leave anyone indifferent – with a new design, new features, and a number of improvements, it impressed smartphone users worldwide. Samsung had obviously put a lot of effort into making the Galaxy S6, and stepped away from the usual plastic body the previous Samsung Galaxy S phones sported. On March 1, 2015, the GS6 arrived as a perfect combination of metal and glass, and a premium look that left little to be desired. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S6, then you are well aware of the fact that a phone such as this one needs to be protected. If you don't own a GS6 yet, simply ask yourself the following question – how would you feel if that beautiful device got scratched? Yes, we know, terrible. Then you should definitely think about getting a protective accessory, and a cover might be the perfect solution. Cover up your phone's back and stop worrying about potential scratches, dust, and other damage. That's why you got in here in the first place? Excellent, then scroll down!

Discover a Whole New World of Galaxy S6 Covers on MyTrendyPhone

Now that we've got why you are here and why you should be here out of the way, we should focus on finding out what you want. Is it a simple back cover? A battery cover? A silicone or a TPU one? So many choices, but don't worry, you have all the time in the world to figure out which Samsung Galaxy S6 cover works the best for you. The right cover can not only keep your phone safe, but give it a whole new personality. If you like unique and different, then imagine how great your handset will look if you pick a colourful or a patterned cover. If you want only the basics, then we suggest you get a snap-on silicone cover – lightweight, easy to install, these covers are available in an array of bright colours. If you would like something more durable, then combo covers might be for you – most of them arrive with a screen protector, which means that your phone's screen will avoid getting damaged, too. So, choose your budget, material, and other features you would like your cover to have, and find your ideal cover today! If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact us via chat, email, or phone.

Original vs Third-Party Protective Accessories

Samsung introduced its own S View and Clear View covers for the Galaxy S6, which we have already had a chance to see with the company's previous models. You cannot go wrong with an original cover – it fits to your phone perfectly, looks fantastic, and is made of high-quality materials. On the other hand, third-party covers (and accessories in general) offer more freedom and more price ranges. Just because they are not official, doesn't mean that their manufacturers haven't put their all into creating them for Samsung users all over the world. Whether you pick a Bugatti or a Beyond Cell cover, you won't regret your choice. Plus, you might even save up some money, because third-party covers are generally somewhat cheaper than original ones.