Apple Lightning Cables and Accessories

When Apple replaced its 30-pin dock connector with the more compact 8-pin connector, Lightning became all the rage due to its ability to be inserted with either side up. Ever since the iPhone 5 all the devices have been compatible. Thanks to various adapters, those that came before the introduction of the Lightning cable also made use of the dock.

MyTrendyPhone: Your Apple Lightning Accessories Resort

As the smaller, yet sturdier Lightning connector was brought into the world, Apple users had two options before them: keep up with the times and move on to the modern devices that were exclusively bound to the new connector or they could remain faithful to their older gadgets, but find a way to adapt to the newly arisen circumstances. Which was where Lightning adapters came into the picture. No matter if you belong in the first or the second group of Apple users, having landed on this page it is clear you're in need of particular Apple Lightning accessories and we at MyTrendyPhone will do everything in our might to make your search run as smoothly as possible. We have sorted the Lightning accessories into four different subcategories: Adapters, Chargers, Dock and Lightning to USB Cables. Depending on which add-on you are looking for precisely, all you need to do is click on the corresponding link and you'll be directly taken to a page consisting of all the possible accessories pertaining to that section.

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Adapt to the Times with Lightning Adapters

As we have previously mentioned, in order to connect any of your older gadgets that originally came with 30-pin connectors to a Lightning cable or your 30-pin accessories to a newer device, you'll be needing an adapter. By choosing to acquire a cable adapter, you will make sure you don't have to get rid of perfectly functioning devices and accessories and thus save yourselves significant amounts of money. It should also be noted that, whilst electing an adapter that will work best for you, you can go for an official Apple one or an adapter made by a third party, such as Delock or Konkis.

Boundless Ways to Charge Your Lightning Device

If you're lacking an Apple lightning accessory, you'll be pleased to know there's plenty of different types to choose from. Car chargers, for example, allow you to swiftly recharge your device even while on the road. You can also pick your brand of choice, ranging from the famous Belkin car chargers, over Griffin and Puro, all the way to Incipio and Cygnett. Naturally, your Apple device will need to stay fully charged while you're at home or at work, as well, which is why you should consider obtaining a desktop or a wall charger, too. Apart from the regular chargers, Lightning docks have been increasingly sought-after, as they allow your iPhone to sit upright while it syncs or charges, making it an ideal addition to your desk or counter. Manufacturers have not been stingy on creativity when it comes to docks, which is why you'll be able to find the most imaginative accessories you can think of even a skull-shaped dock that multifunctions as a Bluetooth speaker compatible with any smartphone or audio source. Lastly, you might be in need of a Lightning to USB cable, which allows you to connect your device with connector to your computer's USB port in order to sync and/or charge it. Your options will once again be vast, so you might decide to go with an official Apple USB 2.0 cable or any of the third-party cables that come in various colours and sizes.

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