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iPad 4 Cases

Opt for an iPad 4 case to protect your tablet and be sure you have done the best thing for your device. Our selection offers fun and practical models in a variety of colours and designs. Shield your iPad while improving its functionality with one of our iPad 4 cases and a right set of best wireless headphones. These and more are at MyTrendyPhone!

iPad 4 Cases

Protective iPad 4 Cases at Affordable Prices

The leader in the world of technology, Apple, once again surprised their fans with a new tablet, named iPad 4. Well, maybe it is not that "new", but it certainly is an improved version of iPad 3. The fourth-generation iPad, the iPad 4 with Retina display has the A6X new processor, a new LTE chip which allows a connection to networks around the world, FaceTime camera of 1.3 megapixels, new Lightning connector, etc. Once again, we need to emphasize the importance of protective iPad 4 case, and since the dimensions of the new Apple tablet are the same as the iPad 3, all of the iPad 3 case models will also fit the new tablet. Visit us and pick some of the following iPad 4 case models: iPad 4 Metal Case, iPad 4 Cloth Bags, iPad 4 Waterproof case, iPad 4 Smart Cover, etc. No matter which iPad 4 case you decide to buy, we offer iPad 4 cases from most famous manufacturers: Belkin, Bugatti, Case-Mate, Incipio, Cygnett.

iPad 4 Cover: Perfect Protection for Your iPad

Since Apple tablets are very popular, it is no wonder why there is so many iPad 2 and iPad 3 accessories available. We are yet to see great iPad 4 cases and other accessories. When it comes to protective iPad accessories, such as iPad 3 / iPad 2 case, instead of a case you can choose cover, and the same stands for iPad 4. iPad 4 cover is a great solution for low-profile protection, along with iPad 4 Screen Protector or iPad 4 Skin. Unlike iPad 4 case, iPad 4 cover provides only partial protection, but if you combine it with iPad 4 Smart Cover, you will get all-round protection.

High-Quality iPad 4 Leather Case

As we said, iPad 4 case is most important accessory, and iPad 4 leather case is one of the most popular models. Choose an iPad 4 case that fits your lifestyle best, whether it's iPad 4 leather case, iPad 4 Waterproof case; or if you prefer low profile protection, you can always go for an InvisibleShiled iPad 4 Screen Protector or iPad 4 skin.

iPad 4 Silicone Case Absorbs Bumps

Unlike leather iPad 4 case, iPad 4 silicone case is not that elegant, but it is also popular, because silicone is famous for its ability to absorb impacts. No matter what kind of iPad 4 case you choose, whether it is an iPad 4 silicone case or leather iPad 4 case, the only important thing is the protection of your device. If you own other Apple devices, as well, keep in mind that also offers accessories for Apple's iPhone. Visit our store and buy iPhone 4S case or iPhone 5 case.

Other iPad 4 Accessories

Certainly being one of the most important iPad 4 accessories, iPad 4 case is not the only thing you might need. There is a vast number of accessories for iPad 4 available, and we have them at the most affordable prices. Visit MyTrendyPhone shop and buy iPad 4 case, cover, skin, battery, charger, speaker, stand, headset and many other iPad 4 accessories.