The Ultimate iPad Pro 10.5-Inch Covers

We know that choosing iPad Pro 10.5 covers isn't an easy task. Besides offering protection to your device they also reflect your personality and you should pick something that is durable, beautiful and affordable. At the MyTrendyPhone online shop you can find all the best cheap cases for your remarkable tablet and you can be sure that any choice you make is the right one. You ask yourself why? Because with 2 years of warranty on all the products you buy, your shopping satisfaction is inevitable. Our low prices will not make a huge impact on your budget and we always try to give you great deals and offers.

Why Use an iPad Pro 10.5-In Cover?

This tablet doesn’t exactly cost little, but it is a valuable piece of electronics that can perform even the most demanding tasks and offer a whole world of amusement. Even though it can perform almost unimaginably complex tasks, it needs help in one basic respect – protection from everyday wear and tear. When you own such a device, you will naturally use it daily and this means that it will be exposed to various constant sources of danger. You can drop it or damage it with your keys or something else from your bag. The combination of breakable glass and sensitive and bendable aluminium isn’t exactly a winning one. Repairs can be an unnecessary cost and they take time, and if you want to avoid this worry invest a little in a protective cover for your iPad Pro 10.5".

Short Reflection on Our Selection

Besides being protective, cases from our range can boast premium, quality materials in their construction. They are a perfect match with your device and are very functional. With our cases, very little weight is added and you will be able to easily grab and carry your iPad Pro. They are all very precisely cut out so that there is easy access to all buttons and ports. Depending on your needs, you can really enhance your user experience. Some covers can also turn into a stand so you can have a better view and a more comfortable angle while you work.

One of our favourites is the case that has a Bluetooth keyboard attached, which can also be separated. This case can also be folded to form a stand which gives a great viewing point. Its clasp is magnetic so this iPad Pro 10.5 cover keeps it safe from unexpected openings on the go. The keyboard on this cover even has a built-in battery so that it can be recharged via microUSB cable. Besides power for the keyboard, you should make sure that your Apple device doesn’t run out of juice. Our amazing range of portable power banks will recharge it fast when you need it the most so that you can use all that it can offer wherever you are.

And remember, our customer support is at your service 5 days a week for any questions or suggestions. We listen to you!