iPhone 5S Accessories

There is so much you can do for your phone and our online shop, brimming with iPhone 5s accessories, is bound to give you ideas. Choose a phone battery, wireless charger, car holder, selfie stick, power bank or more products to improve your phone in just a few steps. If you are looking for outstanding iPhone 5s cases, you have come to the right place.

iPhone 5S Accessories

On September 10, new Apple top model and direct successor to iPhone 5 was presented and named iPhone 5S. iPhone 5S is made of high quality aluminium, offering attractive design along with a number of amazing innovations.

iPhone 5S: same design, new features

Although iPhone 5S looks identical to the iPhone 5 (in addition to the new colours), it offers a number of innovations, such as a 64-bit A7 processor, a dual LED flash, improved camera and a fingerprint scanner. iPhone 5S is 7.6 mm thick and weighs only 112g. It will be available in three colours - silver, grey and gold.

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A7 Processor

iPhone 5S uses a new Apple A7 processor, twice as fast as the iPhone 5 processor. A7 is the first 64-bit processor in a smartphone ever. As for the battery life, Apple promises 250 hours of standby time. Another interesting iPhone 5S feature is a new motion processor called M7, which makes motion measurement data from accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. This continuously measures the motion data and thus makes a new generation of health and fitness apps possible.

Fingerprint Scanner

The new iPhone 5S comes with a fingerprint scanner integrated in the Home button, named Touch ID, which is a very interesting innovation. The sensor is 170 microns thin, has a resolution of 500 pixels per inch and can measure subcutaneous skin layers. The sensor is built into the home button and has a stainless steel ring, you only need to touch it; it is not necessary to press the button. Touch ID is deeply integrated into iOS 7 and makes it possible to make iTunes purchases simply by putting your finger on the scanner. Touch ID by Apple is easy to set up and can read multiple fingerprints.

Improved Camera

The new iSight camera in the iPhone 5S comes with Apple-designed lens with five elements and an f/2.2 aperture. It has an active sensor area that is 15% larger. iOS 7 allows users to automatically adjust the white balance and exposure. iOS 7 automatically selects the sharpest of a series of pictures, because the iPhone 5s can quickly take multiple photos at once. There is a new dual flash named True Tone, which solves the problem of clashing colour temperatures. True Tone, for example, makes sure that you get natural skin tones. The camera has automatic image stabilization and a burst mode to shoot 10 frames per second. This happens as long as you hold down the button and is suitable for photos of children, for example. You can save multiple photos from this series.

iPhone 5S Cases and other Accessories

iPhone 5 accessories available in the market are also suitable for new iPhone 5S. So all of your old iPhone 5 cases, chargers and docks are also suitable for iPhone 5S. But, famous third party manufacturers will also release new iPhone 5S cover and case, along with other innovative accessories that will help you make the most out of your iPhone. Other useful accessories are iPhone 5S battery covers, car holders, car chargers, external batteries, docks, etc. Manufacturers such as Belkin, Case Mate, Puro, Piel Frama and Otterbox are certain to offer durable, high quality products, as they always do.

Apple offers cases for iPhone 5S

Apple also introduced official cases for iPhone 5S. iPhone 5S owners will get a choice of six solid colour cases, which will be made of leather and cost $39 each. On the inside, these cases have a soft microfiber lining that will prevent the case from damaging the phone, while on the outside cases feature nice leather finish similar to the leather Apple used in manufacture of Smart Covers for the iPad.

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